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Google is bringing new Google+ admin tools for Google Apps and Enterprise accounts.

Today's change controls the way Google+ user profiles are shown and indexed, and lets the account admin choose whether people can search for individuals.

In short, it will keep you from finding two +Jerry Hildenbrands or two +Phil Nickinsons when searching out one of us, because our corporate accounts are hidden.

As someone affected, it's great to see this change. Keep them coming, Google.

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Google+ finds balance between work and personal accounts, adds more admin powers


I love your work Google and will always be a loyal fan but why do you guys keep trying to promote this Plus network. It's a proven failure and no one really engages with their friends on it despite more numbers than Twitter. Business will not want their data put on public display using Google Apps. Just give up and move on.

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Yeah, come on Google. You created a social network that in only two years has become second only to Facebook (which had an 8 year head start and now half assesly copies everything you do) and is still gaining. I mean, if you can't instantly succeed at something, you should give up on it. Like the way you gave up on Chrome when it wasn't the #1 browser, and that time you canceled Android because at one point it wasn't the top phone OS, and thank god you camcelled that whole stupid "search engine" thing back when you were #2. Lycos and Altavista work just fine for me.

Second to FB only because of the automatic merging of Gmail and YouTube accounts into G+ of course. Not out of desire to join.

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You probably haven't used it much. G+ isn't used the conventional way FB is. It's more like Twitter but with tons of much refined features. Reason why it's not directly taking on Facebook is the resistance of trends to die. FB has a headstart of years and it's known to millions of people. Google+ is almost obscure to people. It would be the same with FB too. If they launched a search engine today, no way in hell they'd be able to compete with Google. Heck, not even Microsoft managed to do that so far.

People are whiners by nature. Look at YouTube, so many people say Google ruined it since they took it over. How mistaken can they be? YouTube was purchased by Google almost from the very beginning of its conception. It's thanks to Google if today YT is the second largest search engine and the largest video sharing platform.

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"Not out of desire to join."
How many people do you think joined or maintain Facebook accounts because they had to do so in order to keep in touch with certain people? Or be updated about events for a band or company? Or just because it makes it easier to log into many other sites? Myself and many others greatly prefer G+, but we also maintain FB accounts because we have to, not out of any desire to join.

I use G+ every day. Anything that I'm serious about goes there. I do goof around on FB, but not for anything serious or professional.

To call google+ a failure is a very false statement, you clearly don't know what you ate talking about.

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All I got out of this article is that Jerry and Phil have hidden corporate accounts. Like their shit don't stink. But lean a little bit closer, see that roses really smell like poo-poo.

Now let's get this party started!