Google announced this morning that Google+ is set to receive a massive redesign over the next few days that will make it easier to use and much more intuitive. The company has been innovating quickly with its social network, and this is just another example of their commitment to the platform.

For starters, the main page has seen a complete overhaul. Rather than your tabs bring up top as well as along the side, you'll get icons along the left panel. These are also customizable, so if you don't want the Games icon, you can simply move it. There are also quick actions that you can access for each icon by hovering over them.

Posting photos and videos is getting an upgrade as well. Larger content will appear in your Stream now whether you're sharing it yourself or viewing pictures from your friends. Google is adding a feature that they're calling 'cards', which are streams of conversations that you can join. There will also be an activity drawer to highlight important content.

Hangouts are changing too. For one, there is a dedicated icon just for Hangouts that you can stow away on your left panel. This section will display an up-to-date invitation list from everyone in your Circles, access to every public Hangouts occurring at that moment, and a rotating billboard of popular Hangouts.

These changes should take effect over the next few days, so if you don't see them right away, don't worry, they'll arrive soon. Please find a couple screenshots after the break.

Source: Official Google Blog

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Google+ gets major redesign with simpler UI and more customization


Despritely needs that overhaul. The original G+ app UI is extremely confusing to use. Even the experienced software engineers can't easily navigate to certain functionalities like Hangout and Check ins without dig into million menus and tabs.

I really like Google+ and I have been using it from the start. These changes only make the experience better. They haven't popped up for me yet, so I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully this will help attract more folks to this social network.

I don't see how changing the UI will attract more people to G+. My involvement in any social network hinges only on the "social" aspect and not on how the page is laid out.

I find it tough to hang out on any social site that's cumbersome to use... if the user interface is easy to use, I'm more likely to be there and so are my friends.

We have to remember Google+ isn't trying to be Facebook. It's obvious Facebook is known to be a social network geared towards friends and family--yes we can follow people or subscribe to their pages, but it's mainly used for friends and family.

Google+ is geared towards following and subscribing. It's not necessarily geared towards trying to have all your friends and family on there--but if they come then that's not a problem.

I've been using Google+ more and more as of late, +1 posts, following people who have the same interest as me or checking up on celebrities, etc. It's been a lot of fun interacting with people who share similar interests.

You're absolutely correct, if Google had meant for Google+ to be like Facebook, obviously Google would have done it.

I got the update but using Chrome, my scroll doesn't work. Have to use IE to make it work right. Strange!

I was using Google+ and went away for a while. When I was back I read this post and quickly opened Google+ and - ta-da! Everything was different. Shocked!

I mean a widget for my Android homescreen. Without a widget, I just don't use it. Keeps me quickly in the loop. Hopefully it happens soon cause Google rocks and i wanna support its Google+, but just can't do it without a homescreen widget.