Current Android OS share breakdown

In an announcement easily lost in all the CES news, Google has announced that Android 2.2 Froyo has found its way to more than half of all active Android devices. That number was at just over 40 percent a month ago and has likely been driven up by updates pushed out by manufacturers and sales of newer devices with Froyo on board. Overall, Android 2.x is on a whopping 87 percent of devices with the newly-launched Gingerbread taking a tiny .4 percent share. Considering only the Nexus S has the latest version, we expect to see that number explode over the next couple months. [Android Developers


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Google: Froyo now on half of all Android devices


Lets say Froyo becomes available tomorrow for ALL Galaxy S phones. Now what would the percentage be in a week?

In fact I bet those 12% with 1.6 and 1.5 are likely stuck there until they are eligible for an upgrade of the hardware sort.

As soon as that new Motorola device is release, my Samsuck Craptavate is history. You're right, never again with Samsung.

Just because every other Galaxy S owner (like myself) is thinking it (obviously)....

(sorry for the bad 'shop. I hate GIMP).

so basically that chart is saying that 0.4% of android phones are Nexus S/hackandflash phones, 51.8% are newish motorola/HTC/NexusOne phones, 35.2% are samsung galaxy s phones, 7.9% are dell phones(tablets?)/randomoldphonesthattheownersdidntupgradeyet, and 4.7% are sony phones.

yeah that sounds about right...

And still no love for the Ally. If it doesn't happen soon I will reactivate my BB Tour and wait for my upgarde later this year. Because at least I don't have as much crapware taking up my limited space. I would love an affordable Droid with 2.2.