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Tools for power users are coming to Google Drive — are you using it yet?

The latest in a series of updates to Google Drive will bring user-facing tools to help manage and sort your files, according to +Google Drive. Rolling out "over the next few days" the update will feature like find and replace, inserting and managing tables, and named styles.

In addition, we'll be able to rename scans before upload, view your files in a two column layout on tablets, and sort by quota used for folks on a Google Apps account. 

Google is serious here. Pushing features from the desktop to the mobile version of Google Drive is a big deal for folks who want to be more productive with their Android phone or tablet. If you're a current user of Google Docs on the web for personal or business use, you'll find things are getting easier to manage while mobile. If you're not using Google Docs on the desktop, you now have a compelling reason to give it a try.

We imagine Google has more planned in this space. Bringing features like this to mobile — which is the area of technology that is expanding daily — will attract people away from other solutions that aren't as small-screen friendly. 

Keep an eye out for the update, and you can always check via the Google Play link above.

Source: +Google Drive


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Google Drive is getting another update, bringing tools to manage your files better


Really? Been using Google Drive on my TF201 since I got it and it works fantastically. The only thing that pisses me off isn't Google Drive itself, but the fact that the TF201 is painfully slow to use.

Me too. Also on my Transformer Prime. I still use Office Suite a little more than I'd like because it's more stable and more feature packed. I tried Quick Office, but that wasn't nearly as good. Plus it's ugly.

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A physical bluetooth keyboard makes Drive much easier to use, at least for Documents. Spreadsheets are still awkward.

Oddly I find using spreadsheets easier with the touchscreen as opposed to a keyboard. I definitely feel like some small tweaks would improve things overall, but my biggest complaint is the slow to unbearable load times for bigger files.

I've used docs on my nexus 7 to start and edit many papers for school. I can't wait to try these new additions out.

While usability is important and certainly matters; all I want is an option to password protect documents.