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Google has released two new apps for Android, one for Docs and one for Sheets. The two apps are dedicated to viewing and editing text documents, as opposed to the Google Drive app, which shows all of your documents in one place. It's a way to easily find all of your documents of a single type.

Both apps support all of the features that you would expect. You can create new documents, edit existing ones, both online and off, and work collaboratively. Docs lets you add and respond to comments. Both apps function very much like the Google Drive app, including the ability to pin files for offline editing. However, unlike the Drive app, Docs and Sheets display all of your documents in the same view, including documents that have been shared with you by another user. Google says that in addition to Docs and Sheets, a Google Slides app is on its way. You can download both Google Docs and Google Sheets from the Google Play Store now.

Source: Google Drive blog


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Google Docs and Sheets get their own Android apps


I hope you can actually create and edit your Slides this time.

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They do, it's mentioned in the article:

"Both apps function very much like the Google Drive app, including the ability to pin files for offline editing."

Hey give the guy a break in mean who really reads now and days, especially such a long article.

Thank you all for pointing out my stupidity. I did read the article though . I just thought about something though. Maybe Google did this to update separate components of doc editing indepently of the drive app. They may even force us to use their docs app only and rip the creation functionality out of the drive app. Just saying.

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Google Drive is a storage mechanism. Google Sheets and Docs are applications that use it. In my opinion it makes more sense that they are separate.

Did Google not buy QuickOffice? It was a separate company and the app is slowly being absorbed into Google drive.

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QuickOffice is their way of allowing for seoerate editing of MICROSOFT document formats ;more specifically, docx,pptx,and xlsx,which are word,PowerPoint and excel respectively.

Just trying to help

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Except the dimensionally different look. I wish Google could maintain the distinct icon shapes but keep them dimensionally equal.

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I wonder what this means for Google QuickOffice, which seems to offer much of the same functionality?

I think Google did this to increase visibility of these functions. I know several people that had no idea that Google Drive included a full office suite of applications. This move breaks them out so that people will see them as an option in the Play Store.

I'm all for this being someone that passes on my old devices to Family that are not tech nerds, I've had to answer the question of where or how do you edit docs on android, which is evidence for me that visibility is a problem in Drive

So google docs/drive app for online documents and Quickoffice for offline docs? Or am I missing something?

I think they did this for 2 reasons: 1) because people weren't aware and 2) because there's all this talk about the MS apps available on the iPad and Google wants it known that their apps exist and can do this work.

Regarding QuickOffice, it was bought to give them missing mobile functionality as it relates to MS Office documents (not Google Drive). I am pretty sure they're working on building native MS Office into their Google Drive app, but are not quite their yet. As it is the regular web version of Google Drive has increasingly gotten more capability/fidelity with MS Office documents (and not just Google Drive documents). Over time, I'm sure QuickOffice will go away and just be a part of Drive. I wouldn't doubt that QuickOffice also gave them needed insight for making Google Drive on the Web be able to handle MS Office documents.

If you look at the Chrome Apps, they too have separate "apps" for Drive, Docs, Spreadsheets, and presentations. It's the same set up as the apps on Android. The Drive app can do all, and the individual apps are just filtering the content and creation capability to a specific type (albeit on Chrome, it really is just a URL redirect).

here's my 2 top reasons:

1) the standalone app can save it's own cache which helps out when you're trying to figure out where all the cache comes from.

2) it has its own pretty shortcut/icon, which makes things more efficient :)

Although the article did not mention QuickOffice, it would appear pointless to maintain such a project if Google just branched out the three applications (Docs, Sheets, Slides) into their own application. Would be great to hear where Google is going with this.

Actually it does make sense. Ever wonder why Mattress Firms are less spread out than even Starbucks?

The comparison you gave is about market saturation, or rather over-saturation.

Each application does at least 1 feature the others do not. In this case, Google hasn't responded with their intent regarding these 3 applications, Quick Office and Drive.

So where is the "making sense" part that you see?

Google - as a "search company" - please add the ability to search for words in these apps. I have long been shocked that a 1st party google app would have no way to search through documents.

Unless I'm doing something wrong, these apps (still) cannot open password protected documents. Also, I can't find any way to tell it to look at my Microsoft OneDrive site for the documents there. Plus, like many others here, I don't see the point of breaking Quick Office down into multiple apps.

The one thing I don't get is the way the google sheets app works. The bar to input commands does not drop down a list of functions like the QuickOffice app does. This does actually infuriate me, as I need help in finding what I need to type into the command bar.

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I'm getting a NOT FOUND (404) error on the Google Play link, is anyone else getting this? (UK)

UPDATE1: Get the same error from the Android Central app too.
UPDATE2: They download from the text links not the Google Play Store graphic.

Does this mean the Google Quickoffice is dead in the future? That already worked with Drive as a separate editing app that did the same as these.