Android - Gingerbread

We're still waiting on Android 2.3. Gingerbread -- you can twiddle your thumbs with us here -- but the fine folks at Google have just teased us a bit more on Twitter, with the above picture and "Our cafes are baking something sweet."

Will it be today? Will it be tomorrow? News at 11, folks. [Twitter]

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I'm so tired of this just release it for Christ sakes

icebike says:

The image EXIF info says it was taken with a nexus one today (11/12/2010) version 2.2.

Oddly, the internal size recorded in the exif info does not match the pixel size of the image.

criley98#AC says:

Anyone check if they baked some steganographic goodies in the photo?

darrylmendo says:

I'm not Rachel ray or anything but shouldn't the headline say "baking" not "cooking."

semajhan says:

Wrong reply

pancho13#AC says:

What phone(s) are supposed to get the update? Evo I'm hoping?

icebike says:

ONLY Nexus One.

Others have to wait for the carriers.

WhoIsThis says:

Or wait for the devs at XDA, SDX, or any of the other sites to do it. In a race, I'd take those devs over the carriers any day.

semajhan says:

you're joking, right?

VMdoug says:

If it's anything like Froyo then us EVO users will get to wait a few months before we can bake some Gingerbread

m_jameson1 says:

I think alot of people forget about the Port methods. For god Sake you can port Dell streak with 2.1 on the Incredible if you would like that :/

Not to hard for someone to port Nexus 2.3 onto the Incredible or Evo. The beauty of root.

If you have an unrooted Evo (AKA a "Mickey") and do not want to root, then yes, you may be waiting quite a while for the carrier, and for HTC to develope a new release of Sense 2.3.

Go Android! says:

Well not every phone is blessed. The Samsung Moment is running stock Android, and we still can't get a Froyo port.

dcreed says: