Android - Gingerbread

We're still waiting on Android 2.3. Gingerbread -- you can twiddle your thumbs with us here -- but the fine folks at Google have just teased us a bit more on Twitter, with the above picture and "Our cafes are baking something sweet."

Will it be today? Will it be tomorrow? News at 11, folks. [Twitter]


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Google cooking up some Gingerbread


The image EXIF info says it was taken with a nexus one today (11/12/2010) version 2.2.

Oddly, the internal size recorded in the exif info does not match the pixel size of the image.

Or wait for the devs at XDA, SDX, or any of the other sites to do it. In a race, I'd take those devs over the carriers any day.

If it's anything like Froyo then us EVO users will get to wait a few months before we can bake some Gingerbread

I think alot of people forget about the Port methods. For god Sake you can port Dell streak with 2.1 on the Incredible if you would like that :/

Not to hard for someone to port Nexus 2.3 onto the Incredible or Evo. The beauty of root.

If you have an unrooted Evo (AKA a "Mickey") and do not want to root, then yes, you may be waiting quite a while for the carrier, and for HTC to develope a new release of Sense 2.3.