Calendars are something that we all depend on, and Google has done a great job with ensuring that the Google Calendar service sync's with almost any service. But until recently, we were missing a huge one -- Outlook. Google has introduced Outlook 2010 support to Google Sync. It runs on your desktop, where it syncs your Outlook to your gmail, which then can sync to your Android phone. For more information, as well as set up instructions, hit the source link. [Gmail Blog]


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Google calendar sync now to support Outlook 2010


It isn't working with Win 7 (64bit) with Outlook 2010 (32bit) either. If others are getting this to work, let me know how.....please.

This is kind of cool I guess. I just use the regular Calendar app to get calendar info from Outlook/Exchange but I guess not everyone's work uses Exchange.

Out of curiosity, what are the reasons for using Outlook if not for Exchange keeping everything in sync across devices? I actually really like the Outlook/Exchange combo and it does a great job with my work calendars, email, tasks, etc. It just seems like real overkill to use something as big as Outlook for a local calendar.

Thoughts? Just genuinely curious.

I use outlook at home to access my gmail account through IMAP. It makes it easier for me to access my email and I like all of the features of Outlook.

My Evo syncs directly to my Exchange 2007 server via ActiveSync for my calendar entries; is that not part of Android but rather an HTC Sense add on? (if so, great work HTC!).

Not supporting 64-bit is a big mistake, nearly all Windows 7 machines shipping are all 64-bit.

It works on Cyanogen on my Evo and that has no Sense at all so I guess regular Android does it as well.

as far as 64 bit Office 2010 I hope they add it since it will be the norm soon.

Small businesses don't typically use Exchange as it is expensive to implement and maintain. Most use some webmail-based email account, either in sequence with their domain registration or through a third party and then maintain a local calendar and contact list through Outlook. With that being said, every other phone I used in the past had some synchronization software for Outlook-to-phone - Android phones do not and this is where Google Calendar Sync comes in. However, it is my understanding that it only syncs the calendar and not the contacts. Has that changed? I currently use gSyncit to keep my work contacts and calendar sync'd with my Gmail account and it works perfectly - the only problem is that it is not free...

Just wondering...did Cyanogen add something to his ROM to enable Exchange sync? I know that in the past Sense had it but vanilla did not. I only ask because my only firsthand experience with anything approaching vanilla has been CM6. With that I have had no problem syncing to my Exchange account for calendar, email, etc.

wow, I thought we were the only business left using GroupWise! Wish there were more integration options for GW.

Agreed. With 64-bit becoming the mainstream, 32 bit being very outdated and 128 bit on the horizon, it still amazes me that 64-bit support is not more widespread for applications. Many corporate/business applications still require 32-bit architecture to run.

Perfect timing! Sorta, I have my sales team on '07, but I am on Outlook 2010 64-bit. Here's to hoping for a quick update to support 64-bit platforms soon

This article is unclear on this actual announcement.

"But until recently, we were missing a huge one -- Outlook."

This statement makes it sound like Google Sync has never worked with Outlook when in all actuality it does and has for a while. This announcement is support for Outlook 2010. I used Google Sync 3 or 4 years ago with Outlook 2003.

I have a Mac, and we use Entourage for now but Outlook is coming out at the end of the year. I hope they'll add a Mac compatible download :(

No. It only supports Calendar sync. If you want to sync other Outlook items such as Contacts, Notes, Tasks, or Email, you will need something else. There are many options available and most are listed at in a chart that breaks down what is synced and prices, with many of them being free.

Does anyone know if Google fixed the issue where recurring calendar items from Outlook don't sync properly with Google calendar? (Items in Outlook that recur on "the first X of every X" get copied onto every day in Google Calendar) If not, this update is pretty much useless.

No 64-bit is a joke for a big player like Google. As if Apple, Microsoft and Google weren't big enough; they have to spar at our expense? Brand new VAIO and HTC Android and I can't sync? I'm recharging my Blackberry right now.

Hi all - My organization locked down our outlook email so I tried every OWA Android app out there and none worked for me. They all required something open on the server end such as exchange web services or WebDav. There was no way to get my android to work with my email except the browser, but the logout was every minute, requiring a retype of my username/password. If you ever used OWA you know what I'm talking about.

This QOWA is still using the native web interface so it should work with ALL OWA email addresses. The text, divs, tables are all resized with javascript to allow it to work friendly with the touch environment.

Here is the link to the QOWA app in the marketplace.