Google Calendar update

Never give out the wrong address for an event again

Google is rolling out changes to Google Calendar on the web that make it even easier to get friends and family together for events. To help ensure that everyone gets to the right place, when you type into the "where" box for a new event, you'll receive auto complete options for places pulled from the Google Maps database. When you go back to view the event later, or someone you invite views the event, you can simply click the "map" button and be taken to Google Maps to view the location.

Universal search is also being improved in Google Calendar. Just like in Gmail, you can start typing in the name of the event, attendees or location and get a list of results as you type with relevant events containing those key words or people. While these updates are specifically for the web version of Google Calendar, the existence of the new back-end could make this very easy to implement in later versions of the Android app.

With the latest changes, if you create events on the web with the new location search and select a specific place, that location will be a link to open Google Maps on your phone — it's a good start, and we look forward to both the location and search functions being improved on mobile soon.

Source: Gmail Blog

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chris4beta says:

And yet that field STILL doesn't autocomplete to entries in your contact list that have addresses. Neither does Google Maps. Unbelievable.

I can auto complete addresses by typing the persons name in location.

chris4beta says:

I'm referring to the Calendar and Maps websites. On mobile, yes - it does autocomplete contact names, but not on desktop for some reason.

Mayoo614 says:

At last! Writing "work" or "home" will work correctly.

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Trollolol says:

Let me guess, it requires G+

Unobtanium says:

Nope. I used it yesterday to input the address of a motel reservation and it worked.

YouTube has been linked to G+. Getting as bad as other sites linking with FB.

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HalizDad says:

Yeah, I quit YouTube because of that...

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HalizDad says:

Eighth... That actually looks pretty cool on the calendar

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patruns says:

Great. Now fix the mobile gmail app so you can accept calendar invites from non gmail accounts. It works fine on the website. Why is Google dragging it's feet with the app?