Google Super Bowl commercial

Well, not quite as ... erm, visually striking as Motorola's Super Bowl ad, but Google did just spring its first television ad on us. It was the same "Parisian Love" ad that leaked a while back. No Android love to be seen. And that's OK. Motorola's got us covered. And did we mention Megan Fox was in a Motorola ad?

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weehooherod says:

Thats too bad he didn't type "*how to* impress a french girl". If he had the suggested result "how to get pregnant" would have been shown to all of america.

Nikoli Dugo says:

That commercial was dumb.

dohboy says:

1. simpsons coke commercial
2. punxatawney polamalu
3. house made of bud light cans

honorable mention: the denny's secret service chickens

sjcea says:

Stupid worthless commercial ?? all the hype and thats the best they could do ?? Why even bother ??

NickF227 says:

You people suck, that commercial was so sweet.

pongalong says:

That commercial was fine. I'm happy google didn't get caught up in the scene and try to make a funny commercial. Those ads are entertaining but have little relevance to the product. Most of the time I don't even know what they're trying to sell or what the product does. I chuckle and forget. This was concise: google = search

Jo_795 says:

stupidest commercial ever.... i think everyone knows how to google it..

Why did they need a commercial, everyone and their mom already uses Google. I'm going to launch a commercial next super-bowl urging people to breath air and drink water.

mr_awesome says:

The point is that they can and they did. Its a great simple commercial just to remind people that they own you for life.

Anonymous says:

They dont own you for life....they own the internet for life.