If you look back about a year ago, you'll be reminded that Google purchased the mobile office suite Quickoffice. We finally see the fruits of the purchase, but not exactly how everyone expected to see it. Using the Microsoft Office compatibility built into Quickoffice's document editing, users on the Chrome OS developer build track can now edit both Word and Excel files without any hassles, right from their Chromebook.

Of course, being in the developer track means there is bound to be bugs. But Google has been fairly swift with pushing features through the dev and beta tracks, and we're seeing new features and additions roll into the stable branch with every release. Still, things may not be ready for prime time just yet.

To give this a try for yourself, you need to switch to the developer track of Chrome OS, and set an experimental flag. Point your browser at chrome://flags, and find the "Enable document editing" entry. Enable it and restart your Chromebook. There's a place to report any and all Quickoffice bugs right here, so be sure to report any difficulties you run into. Here's to a happy test phase, and we're looking forward to seeing Microsoft Office file editing in the stable branch soon.

Source: +François Beaufort

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kf7eqj says:


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Mike Watling says:

Will this be for all chromebooks? Or just the pixel

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s2weden2000 says:

chr0me 0s = all

ro1224 says:

Hope this will eventually make its way to the Chrome browser on Android for those of us who don't own Chromebooks.

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s2weden2000 says:

that's right!

jaehun jang says:

I will wait....

ltredbeard says:

Just a reminder, once you switch to the dev track, you are stuck on it until the track you want to switch to (ie beta or stable) catches up.

Microsoft should block it, and maybe Skype as payback for Google's blocking of Youtube on WP8.

3165dwayne says:

misinformed comment. what makes you think quick office belongs to microsoft? Google bought quick office. there is nothing micro$haft can do and many use google talk instead of Skype.