Google has added Instant Previews for search results on mobile devices, including Android phones. If you do a search on Google, and click the magnifying glass next to a search result, it will bring up a visual preview of the results that is easily scrollable. This makes it much easier to find something if you know you're looking for a specific type of content or graphic. 

For Android, Instant Preview is compatible with devices sporting Android 2.2 and up and is available in 38 different languages.. If you have Froyo and above, just go to in the browser and do a search. You should be able to see the magnifying glass that will allow the Instant Previews. [Google Mobile Blog]

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wormeyman says:

This is AWESOME!

kinster02 says:


briankurtz79 says:

Pretty cool. Just tryed it though and it doesn't slide with a swipe. You have to tap the arrow and it misses some. 2.3.3 cm7 evo.

ilongbored says:

Same exact story here. Anyone else have the ability to swipe between pages?

MMontanez347 says:

loving this....and i can swipe through the pages on my G2, unrooted

koxler says:

Works great on my EVO 4G but not on Honeycomb with the Xoom.

Ultr3chT says:

Movin' on up!!

dabaum says:

No swipe for me on my stock Dinc, but it's still a nice change. I'll use it.

dchawk81 says:

That's friggin' sweet.

whodatt says:

sweet! swipe works from my droid X, no need to use the arrows. Very cool indeed..

textiaac says:

I have had this for for the past 2 weeks?

I don't have this on my phone