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Google gets serious about gaming at GDC

We thought it was great when Google updated Google Play Games last week some much wanted — and needed — features, but it seems that this was just the tip of the iceberg. Google has expanded their presence at GDC, and it looks like they are going all-in with mobile gaming.

There's a good reason for this. According to their data, three out of every four Android users play games on their device. Here at Mobile Nations, that figure is closer to four out of four. Games for the small screen have come a long way, and are a legitimate, mainstream source of entertainment.

Google wants to make developing them easier, which means they get better for users. They're introducing 18 new game categories in Google Play to make them easier to sort through, and updating the Unity plug-in, the C++ SDK, and Google Play Games Services for iOS multiplayer fun. Other tools for developers will make monetizing things easier by putting analytics right in the AdMob console and they're enhancing all the statistics in the developer console.

Finally, they are also introducing what they call "game gifts" where players can send virtual in-game items to folks in their circles, or the world-at-large through a player search feature.

We're live at GDC, and you can bet we'll be talking to Google and sitting in on some of their Developer Day sessions. If you're a gamer and an Android fan — and I know there are plenty of us out there — things are getting pretty interesting.

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Google bringing 'game gifts,' new categories, updated SDK and more to Google Play Games


I don't see anyone using GameCenter for Apple. I don't see the point of Play Games either.

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Just because you can't see doesn't mean the rest of the world lives in darkness.

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I thought when Play Games was announced they were going to make it mandatory for cloud saves on all games. I hate playing a game on my phone, to then start from scratch on my tablet. Bring the uniform experience to all games, not just select titles!

I thought this was the whole point. Cloud saves are the only thing I'm interested in. All the rest of the stuff is for teenagers

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-"Cloud saves are the only thing I'm interested in. All the rest of the stuff is for teenagers"-



This would be great IF it would allow parents to buy in game items from their account and send the ingame item to a childs account.

yes But it will stil be up to the Game develpers to take advantage of it I believe. I wonder if older games like Injustice:Gods Among Us would update thier game with this feature.

Unfortunately this will require G+ to use. Which we already know will shy people away from this.

Now if Google integrated FB support into Play Games, I can see people getting into this play service.

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fb integration would keep me from using this, I don't game on fb at all and do not want my facebook account tied into anything google play related. at least with G+ it's all under the same ecosphere, app ratings, recommendations, and my google wallet account. Adding fb to anything google play related is a bad move, and won't likely happen b/c google has their own social network that is tied into the play store already.

Agree totally about g+ making it a deal breaker, pass on Facebook as well.

Both crapware.

Tin hatters United!

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Does multiplayer support in the Play Games Service mean live competing in games like racing or fighting games and the like? If so, what games have this functionality built in?