Google Books

An update for Google Books, Google's own e-reader Android app, is live and ready to download in the Android Market. You can now +1 a book while you're reading, as well as perform an in-book search. On your phone, you can now use Books in landscape mode "for flowing text," and on your 7-inch tablet, you'll notice better support for your screen size. Hit the link after the break to grab the free update.


Reader comments

Google Books update brings 'better support' to 7-inch tablets


Still no ability to set bookmarks! (horrible)
Still no ability to highlight... I would love to be able to highlight certain passages, and then have a list of highlights available in a menu...

It updated this morning automatically even though I had 'allow automatic updating' unchecked and blocked it's permissions in cyanogenmod.

This app is useless and I can't remove it for some reason.

Still no ability to set the color scheme on the freaking Day & night mode either. Bleh! I'd also like the ability to change the font to something more than a very few sizes. Give me 10 different sizes in a list, please.

I can live with the rest, I guess, but this should certainly be more feature-rich than Mobipocket from 2003. :p

More importantly that you've missed is Google Books is now available in the UK and with it an update to the market

I've also just noticed this, just popped onto the the market on my Galaxy 10.1 and noticed the books tab. Just waiting for some movies now!

Still rocking Google Books V. 1.1.4 672kb... CM7... yeah.. can't delete it... For those of us who struggle with Internal Memory... there is absolutely no reason why this App should be more than 1 MB...