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Google Authenticator updated with countdown timer, improved translations


i'm thinking about adding the two step but have concerns that -

1. it will be a PIA.
2. it's not really necessary.
3. somehow something will go wrong (lose phone?) and i will be locked out of my Google account.

There are fallbacks if your phone is lost or stolen. You can add a backup phone number, and Google gives you sixteen backup codes which you can use to log in once and restore your account.

Like the guy above me said they supply multiple back ups. Hell can set up the app on multiple devices at the same time. I have it running on my iPod and phone.

The biggest PIA is setting up everything that can not do two step so Google creates one time use 16 char codes that you can reject at any time. It is getting that set up where the pain is.

As for the log in yeah little pain but not a huge issue. I used to think the same thing on the log in until my Google account got hack and required me using a back up email address to be able reset the password and see it had sent out some spam messages.
Since then two step has been up and running.

How useful is this? I was thinking about it as soon as I read this post but was disuaded when I started considering having to go through the setup and even more on my mind is the login each place every time... unless I am misunderstanding how it works.

Rather than alert you when someone suspicious has logged in to your account, Google should require a two-step verification (or some other protective form of login), before that session occurs.

C'mon Google. Think. Why alert after the fact, when you could just popup a message saying "Sorry, this is not a recognized location for accessing your account, we're sending you a verification TXT now before you can log in..."?

I have been prompted with a "two-step verification process" once when I tried to access my Gmail from a computer. Google asked me to submit my phone number to verify that I was the rightful owner of the account.

I had 2-step set up and didn't like it too much. As one poster said, there are apps that don't like it and you need a special one time code. The biggest PITA was that the codes produced by the Authenticator app never worked...EVER! I don't know how or why, but I had to go through by backup codes very quickly, so I got frustrated and turned it off and uninstalled.