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The mid-I/O Google app updates continues, this time round it's the turn of Google Currents and Google Drive. Both have updates waiting for them right now in the Google Play Store. So, what's new? 

In the case of Google Currents, the biggest change is that finally, it fits into the Android 4.x design guidelines. That pesky menu, it's up top where it ought to be. You might also notice, that it's got a new, less colorful logo too. The full changelog for Currents reads a little like this: 

  • User interface - updated to Android standards
  • Top navigation bar - auto hide, touch to show
  • Library/trending toggle - moved to navigation bar
  • Performance enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Sweet, so, what about Google Drive? Well, an update was to be expected, after the cloud service was heavily featured in todays Chrome based Keynote. One of the biggest new features available in Drive on Android, is the ability to upload, and download, all file types to and from your Drive. Pretty much a standard requirement for cloud storage. The changelog for Drive reads as follows: 

  • Quickly find files that have been recently opened, edited or shared with you
  • Upload/Download all file types to/from your Google Drive
  • Selecting contacts to share with is easier
  • Faster navigation of folders when syncing in the background
  • Choose text alignment in the documents editor

Add these two the lengthy list of Google apps that received updates yesterday, and we've been pretty well spoiled. Some may be more significant than others, but updates are updates nonetheless. Head on over to Google Play and snag yourselves a copy of these two. 

Download: Google Drive, Google Currents


Reader comments

Google app updates continue as Currents and Drive step up for their turn


FINALLY you can download files from Drive. I thought i just couldn't find it, but the fact that they released an app without this in the first place BOGGLES MY MIND!! Now i can put that 100gb to good use!!

I will give currents another go too. Been using flipboard, but i love google stuff so lets see!! (but ur right teddy... it needs a widget)

I agree, Currents needs a widget...also, I know I've 'trolled' about this non-stop since yesterday but, I HATE the new UI redesigns :( Especially the one in Google+ (I don't own a tablet, so I don't know how that looks there; on my phone, it's hideous compared to last version). I also didn't like the new Currents logo :( I guess minimalistic UIs are not my thing (also, white backgrounds all around??!! Goodbye battery??!!)

Can't believe that you still can't create folders from within the Drive app. Come on Google....get it together.