Prescription lenses may be covered by some vision insurance plans

The day many Explorers have been waiting for is here — new frames and first-party prescription lenses for Google Glass. Announced via its Google+ page, there are now four new frames as well as true prescription lens support for Glass, and it's all part of what is called the "Titanium Collection."

As the name would lead you to believe, these standard-looking frames are made of lightweight titanium but take on more traditional designs like you'd find from any glasses shop. The new offerings are all simple and seem to be well-suited for either men or women (they're shown off on both genders). Split, Thin, Bold and Curve are the names, and you can see pictures of each after the break. The new frames will be available with simple clear lenses or also in corrective prescription lenses. Today's announcement also includes two new styles of twist-on sunglasses.

The post states that current Explorers will have their first chance to pick up new Titanium Collection frames as of tomorrow (January 28th) afternoon, so we won't have to wait long to hear the specifics on these nice looking new styles. Aside from noting that some vision insurance may be able to help pay for the frames, we don't have any specifics on pricing or ordering at this moment.

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Rochester Optical to offer prescription and fashion lenses for Google Glass in eGoogle Glass


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Google announces Glass Titanium Collection: New frames and prescription lenses


But then again, if I get these I run the risk of getting the crap beat out of me by a bunch of FBI thugs just because I want to see a movie.

Yeah he was wearing in a theater and the owner called the fbi. They actually came and interrogated him thinking he was taping the movie.

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I've read up on the story, if you're going to say something you should at least include a bit more info.

Homeland Security was called.

However, the man had been at that same theater multiple times before and always while wearing Google Glass. Staff had previously asked him about it and were more than fine with him wearing it, or at least never explicitly told him or even remotely insinuated he couldn't wear Glass. (Basically, by asking him about it and then letting him into the theater, on multiple occasions, they tacitly made it appear to be fine to wear his Glass while there.)

It was only this latest visit where Homeland Security was called in because of the piracy angle.

I thought it was the FBI and DOJ that was responded to piracy. And how did they get there that fast? Must of been a city with a field office in it. They don't have one in every state or city.

Also how is glass going to work with nearsightedness? Because most people who need glasses that are near sited can see normally up close and use their glasses to see things far away. Looking through prescriptions at something that close will strain the eyes. Unless you can adjust the Glass screen to be between the eye and lens on the other side of the glasses.

It is perfectly reasonable for these to not be allowed in a theater. That glasshole thought just because he had a prescription he should be allowed to wear a camera pointing at the movie the entire time.

As opposed to the glassholes who keep their cell phones(with their built in camera) in their pocket, because if it's in your pocket its impossible to take it out during the move to record anything

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Troll / Fear monger = People that fear and don't know about Google Glass.

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(ZeroLemon 7000mah battery)

Wauw, those actually looks like something you could wear without looking like a weirdo.

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Ok, the woman wearing the "Bold" set looks kinda cute.

And, I'm surprised, I'm actually "in," before the usual trolls and fear-mongers (you know who you are).

Dang! All the girls in that video are very pretty!

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I don't know, I don't think I could sit in a business meeting with those on.

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Me, neither. But, me being in the Coast Guard, these were banned at work before they were even invented, lol.

Lol really? What was it that they banned exactly?

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Cool - my son is waiting to hear about his application to the coast guard Academy . . has it been a good career for you?

Oh yeah, I love it! I got my fingers crossed for you and your son!

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Still no styles I'd wear, they need to make them compatible with normal glasses full stop. I like thick rimmed black galsses with a very thick arm (Bold are close but just not thick enough and the arm is far too thin). Still it's good to see them moving into prescription designs finally. Still waiting on my explorer invite...

Though I'm thinking for a consumer release they're best bet is to partner with current glasses manufactures/fasion designers, would seem like a sensible decision to make.

Looks good but I dread to think what price these would be for people like me with really terrible sight - my normal glasses are expensive enough as it is!

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It really does seem like Google is getting closer to a commercial launch. But with the Galaxy Gear going for $299, I wonder how much Glass will be?. . .I don't think it'll come out any sooner than the 2nd half of this year, towards the holiday season. Perhaps something will be revealed at Google I/O. . .

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I wasn't aware that it was actually available on the consumer market.

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I like this model better now but it doesn't change the fact that the camera is the huge problem. This will not sell at all and hundreds of places have already banned this because of this.

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Honestly, that woman could make a propeller beanie look attractive and cool. For the average person though, this will still look ridiculous.

Agreed. This will remain a small niche item for a long time to come. I don't think you can lower the price enough to change this. I need my glasses but I don't need Google glass, prescription or not.

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On the the actual Glass ordering page, every pair of clear Glass frames looks oddly edited, like the models are not actually be wearing them. It's very strange looking. Also, the all shades sold out in an instant.

The only way I'd buy them is if the GLASS part was removable. I'm not going to carry around a second pair of regular glasses for those times GLASS isn't welcome.