Windows Phone Youtube app claimed to violate Google's terms of service, nonfunctional in the meantime.

Google and Microsoft haven't been the best of friends lately, and the latest incarnation of this broken relationship is Google shutting down the Youtube app on Windows Phone yet again. If you'll recall back to the first time the companies clashed over Youtube, Microsoft had pretty much done a one-off app after being frustrated with Google's lack of Windows Phone development.

Now after re-releasing an official app after collaboration with Google, Microsoft has seen the same fate. A statement by Google indicates that Microsoft is still breaching the terms of service for creating a Youtube app, even though Google was involved in the development:

"Microsoft has not made the browser upgrades necessary to enable a fully-featured YouTube experience, and has instead re-released a YouTube app that violates our Terms of Service," says a spokesperson. "It has been disabled. We value our broad developer community and therefore ask everyone to adhere to the same guidelines."

Microsoft, naturally, doesn't see things the same way. Posting to Microsoft's TechNet blog, David Howard seems to think that Google is taking an unfair look at Microsoft in order to focus on Youtube for Android and IOS. Together with the recent quarrels over Gmail and Google Maps, we're unfortunately in for a long road of fighting between Google and Microsoft.

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Google and Microsoft fight over Youtube app, again


I'm sure both of them can use the mobile web app on the browser. Obviously I haven't tested it such on IE in WP8 but if it doesn't work as good as it does in android browser repertoire, then it's only MS's fault.
Speaking of which why is MS going and making a fake YouTube app when they could just make an app that's just an icon that links to the mobile web app. It would keep them from being accused of BS and boost their use of browser.

Indeed, I really don't know why they wouldn't just go with this route. YouTube works really well in mobile IE - it's not as pretty as the app, but for jumping in and playing a video, logging in and commenting, and seeing "related" content it's fine.

Its crap compared to Microsoft's app and googles at fault. I really think that Google shouldnt care so much its just more users for them I think it would be a win win

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Nope. Sorry. Google is being unfair to consumers here and I really feel this is bending their "don't be evil" mantra. Microsoft's app is "infringing" because Google refuses to provide them with the metadata they need to make it compliant it. It's not right and it bothers the heck out of my enough to make want to switch away from Google's services.

Source? Because by all accounts, the problem was that Microsoft originally sought meta data that they're not entitled to. Google isn't withholding meta data crucial to making the app.

The issue now is entirely different. And until some factual data emerges, your assertion is baseless.

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The only source is Microsoft themself, you can find that on their TechNet blog. Yes it's biased but it's to only firsthand source. Google is denying them metadata they need to comply with Google's terms for how ads are displayed.

I'm gonna have to side with Google on this one. If it was metadata that MS needs, and Google doesn't have to do the development, Google doesn't care if MS develops an app. Unlike Apple (and MS) Google wants their services on as many devices as possible, it simply doesn't make any sense to deny MS necessary information. Apple has been petty beyond words, yet Google still works with them. I can't imagine MS has been any worse to work with.

Common sense would say that Google would want their apps and services on as many platforms as possible, but their failure to make any apps for Windows Phone or support MS or other 3rd parties for creating those apps seems to show that corporate BS between them and MS is more important. Google has made Maps, Latitude (when it was around), Drive, Gmail, Hangout, and pretty much all other available apps for iOS, but completely refuses to make any available for Windows Phone, then pulls this crap with YouTube for WP. They had a hand in making the app and provided guidance to MS, which means they should have known beforehand whether the app was still breaking any TOS, and/or provide help to them to make it compliant. Instead, they wait till MS has *re*designed the app and *re*publishes it on their app store, allowing consumers to *re*download the "fixed" app before coming back whining and making MS have to pull it from the store again. I'm not here to defend MS-they aren't completely innocent, but as a user and lover of both platforms this is just ridiculous behavior from Google. Pretty underhanded. Like was said by someone earlier, this back-and-forth stuff is a big, childish pissing contest that's only annoying for consumers on both sides.

I know how could anybody could think that ms is the ONLY one at fault sure they both are but there missing out on a big userbase

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Yeah well I hate Microsoft but this makes me loose some love for Google. Whatever the issue is here its all petty and Google should just leave Microsoft alone or at lease give them break here.

Google is afraid of Windows Phone taking over the low-end hardware.

WP8 runs wonderfully on the $100 Lumia 520/521

Android runs like a piece of shit on any $100 phone

Google afraid of MS is like having McDonald's being afraid of me when I do my own hamburgers at home. Google has high standards and they want them to be followed. I respect that. Microsoft never cared about standards, just go see HTML and CSS compatibility chart on all IE and then look for it with Chrome.

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google is clearly threatened by microsoft, the best low end windows phones far outperform the best low end android phones. if google has such high standards, why can't they develop an app themselves for windows phone? they obviously have more than enough resources. and, google is full of hypocrites if their main complaint that the MS app didn't properly allow for ads. what about android? chrome? they allow pretty much anything to be done to their software and have all types of adblockers.

Two big, powerful, greedy little children. Like someone said in their comment - the only real loser is the consumer.

Microsoft doesn't want a YouTube App. Us Windows Phone Users do. Microsoft is merely acting upon it since we won't shut up about not having an official YouTube App. Of course, had Microsoft had their way, they wouldn't have meddled and made an app in the first place. It really is just them trying to meet the demands of their Windows Phone users.

Because YouTube is the industry standard. Google DOES screw its users, exactly what they're doing RIGHT NOW to GOOGLE USERS who are trying to use it via Windows Phone.

The reason they're doing this is simple: Android runs like ass on $100 phones and WP runs like butter. $100 phones make up a HUGE percentage of Android's marketshare and they don't want to lose that.

No you just don't want it to be true. Sorry, it is. Go try those cheap-ass phones for yourself and tell me which is a better experience.

Good thing windows phone has good devs who have made better/more functional YouTube apps than even Google could put out.

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Lol nice. Very intelligent response. Have you even had a windows phone recently? There are a few very good YouTube apps that add a lot of functionality over any stock YouTube app I've used. One of the very few things I miss about windows phone.

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Actually you're an idiot. I have a 920 and a One and find that there are lots more and BETTER alternatives to the crap Youtube app. The Android app is nice and nicely designed but I can download videos and there are no ads on the alternative apps. Google is just acting unfairly. You can't tell someone that they violated the ToS when the ToS doesn't even have a reference to what you're citing them for. You force MS to make a HTML5 YouTube app, why don't you build one yourselves for iOS and Android. They're playing tricks and they will get burned with anti-trust (in fact investigations are ongoing) just like Microsoft did.

Oh, I am not shedding any tears for MS.

When Microsoft enjoyed an enormous monopoly in Intel-compatible PC operating systems, Microsoft developed a strategy to ensure that Navigator would not become a platform for the development of alternative software.

To undermine the portability of applications written in Java, Microsoft developed its own Java implementation for Windows that was incompatible with other implementations. The company then induced developers to use the Windows implementation of Java rather than Sun-compliant ones.

How the tables have turned.

I've seen since of these apps, they are at times buggy and don't function as well as the official, but hey, at least they are available

How difficult is it to understand? Google has no obligation to create a dedicated app for your 1.5% market share given that YouTube is available from literally every browser enabled device created that meets commonly accepted standards. The playing field is level until Microsoft starts behaving like a spoiled child again. If they want it to be a dedicated app so badly, then Google should offer to build it for them. It'll be ready on Jan 1, 2015 and bill Microsoft $2,000,000 per man hour needed to create it. Then give them a Chrome browser that meets standards.

They went out of their way to disable the app. So they are wasting man hours on that.

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Yeah, when you're being robbed every day, sometimes you might lock your door. Nothing wrong with that.

I think you're missing that Google wants the customers to have YouTube services, but doesn't want Microsoft to use illegal tactics to provide that service.

There is no reason Microsoft couldn't do this in a legitimate way. It's unfortunate that Microsoft doesn't give a damn about it's own customers enough to invest in their experience.

Robbing what? MS justs wants their fair share; the same share that other OS's get. Google doesn't want to play ball, MS makes a better app that cuts Google out. Then, Google decides that it wants to play ball and then f**ks MS over. This has no wrongdoing on MS's end. It's Google. Google wants to sabotage Windows, plain and simple. What is a more legitimate than MS asking for the same data to make an app that everyone else has?

If you try to cut Google out on something that uses Google's services, then there is certainly wrongdoing there. Right now, MS is pointing fingers, but Google has no reason to shut down the app (they want their services on as many devices as possible) unless MS is ding something wrong.

From my understanding YouTube released a statement saying they were working with Microsoft on the app. As someone above said, they should have known what was going on before the app was released. Also, not only did they block the YouTube developed by the Microsoft-YouTube partnership they also are revoking access to many of the third-party apps. No one was robbed if they were working together. Also, if Scroogle wanted us to use their service I am positive we wouldn't be experiencing ummmm, yeah

Robbed from what? They provided the stupid ads so that Google could get their revenue. What else do they need. Microsoft is also offering full cooperation at no cost to them (like they do with other app developers). I'm sorry but we've gotten to a point where Larry Ellison was right about Google and that don't be evil slogan is BS compared to what they're actually doing.

Stop being such a blind Google fanboy.

Microsoft is TRYING to make it fully compliant. They're asking for access to the APIs to show ads and everything. They will pay ALL COSTS in developing the app and Google gets all the ad revenue. They are STILL refusing and are blocking the app after Microsoft reverse-engineers the APIs to show their ads for them.

This is just a pissing content because Google is afraid of losing the <$150 phone market because Android runs like SHIT on those phones and WP8 runs like butter.

They said they would be willing to partner with Google to make the compliant app long term, yet they released a non-compliant app in the mean time. That's like saying, I'll work out a way to pay you for the food I take from your garden "someday", but for now I'll either just steal it all or pay you whatever I feel it's worth without so much as a "by your leave".

really it does not take that long to do it disable something. 10 mins tops.

chances are they went to a developer who had access to the database and told them "disable MS youtube app dev key".

Quick sql query to verify the key and then change the Valid value from 1 to a 0. Boom done.

I have done stuff like that on our customers. I was told hey so and so is breaking our TOS. Will you disable their account and 5 mins later boom done.
I would do a quick look up. verify it is the correct account and then change the value of one of the columns. With in about an hour I undo it as the customers has called in and found out we made good on our threat and then paid up.

I totally agree with you. Google had ZERO obligation to extend their services to a competitor for a product that Google owns. If I was a business owner, I would do the same thing.

I am a consumer and I don't give a phuck if it's hurting 3.5% market share Windows Phone owners. You bought into an ecosystem that was three years behind in HW, SW, and app development. You chose your bed, now sleep in it. Don't cry because a COMPETITOR of Microsoft decided to disallow their services. Either go to the YouTube mobile website or if you think Google is really evil, stop using ask their services including Gmail, YouTube, and their search engine. I'm sure Google won't miss the 3.5%.

Microsoft abused their power all the time in the 80s and 90s. I'm glad one of the other big guys are giving them a taste of there own medicine in the modern age. Sucks being third place doesn't it MS?

The funny thing is the only reason why Google is doing this is because they're scared. Every time market share numbers come out, Apple, Blackberry and the other unmentionables lose market share while Android and Windows Phone end up being the only OSes that grow. Yes MS abused their powers and they paid for it and Google is abusing their powers as well and is going to start paying for it really soon. Motorola-Failed investment that wasn't worth $12bn (they tried to get Microsoft to pay $4bn for patents but the court only said they were worth $2 MILLION) and multiple anti-trust allegations. Google needs to stop acting like it'll rule the world because it won't and it'll just get burned even more. You don't play the same mistakes and expect to get away with it.


LOL! So you don't have a problem with companies abusing their powers, as long as it's the company you favor. What a worthless shill you are.

Microsoft could build their own compliant YouTube app if Google could agree to give them the data they need. The fact is, Google isn't. For what reason we can only speculate but "not enough users" doesn't stack up considering that the Wii U has YouTube. "We don't like Microsoft" isn't the reason because the Xbox 360 has it. So why no YouTube apps for Windows 8 and WP8? I would prefer a native YouTube app on Windows 8 instead of the browser.

Everything Microsoft needs to make a fully functional app is available to them. Other developers seem to be able to comply. Why can't MS? Your meta data argument is incorrect.

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Bingo. Independent devs are building Youtube apps for WP8, Google hasn't raised a fuss over those. Sounds like MS is trying to do something they shouldn't. My guess, denying Google user information or trying to harvest user information in a way that doesn't conform with Google's TOS. That seems the most likely to get Google in a tiff.

But what about the many apps that allow you to download videos from Youtube..MetroTube being one of them...Google didn't care for them, they went specifically to Microsoft.

Everything to make a fully FUNCTIONAL app is available, yes, that's why they've made fully functional ones. But not everything to make a fully COMPLIANT app is available and they're REFUSING to give them the stuff needed to make it COMPLIANT because that way they can block it.

It doesn't serve ads correctly because Google isn't telling Microsoft HOW to.

The other apps Google doesn't bother with taking them down because they're not a real threat.

I really like seeing Microsoft suffer. Just look at what they don't provide to linux users and his they tried to destroy it in the 90s. This is great.

3.3% market share by the way. iOS has a dedicated youtube app as well as blackberry. Why can't Windows Phone get one too? MS released Office, Skype, Xbox companion apps, etc. for all the other operating systems. Is Google really so stubborn to hurt the CONSUMERS just to get a 1-up on MS?

You assume Microsoft is being truthful. I hate the expression, but you know what happens when you 'assume'...?

What other reason is there? Why does MS have to base their app on HTML5, even though the iOS and Android apps don't? Why couldn't Google send them a letter stating what they did wrong and HELPED work for a solution? Why shut the app down with no notice? Why is it taking so long for a press release from Google? If I was Microsoft, I would put the old app (the one with no ads, offline downloading, HD resolutions for videos that were not suppose to have HD mobile options) back up in the meantime while I file my antitrust complaint against Google.

Last check, the YouTube "app" on BlackBerry is just a launcher for and not an actual app...

The reason isn't available is not because Google "doesn't like Microsoft".

It's because they are trying to do everything in their power to make WP8 not a viable option.

Go to a phone store and try any Android phone that costs $150 or less. Then go try a WP8 phone that costs $150 or less (Lumia 520/521 for example). Then tell me which one you would like to purchase.

Stop being evil Google. I think there's even a company bout there who's slogan is "Don't be evil". Google should take a page out of their book.

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Having standards and asking others to adhere to your terms of service is evil? Microsoft is the one sabotaging the service that they want to provide. What prevents them from doing it ethically?

If the Windows Phone YouTube app has to be programmed in HTML5 then why isn't the iOS app as well? Doesn't seem very "standard" to me. I can't wrap my head around Google doing this and I love Google to the ends of the Earth.

Because there are methods in place with HTML to prevent users downloading and storing the content. WP8s app does not utilize any method to prevent storage of the video content.

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As of the most recent version, Microsoft removed the functinality for the user to download the video to local storage and apps like MetroTube are not HTML5 so I'm not exactly inclined to believe that it MUST be coded in HTML5 as a standard.

HTML 5 allows Google to add features to Youtube and have them automatically be supported by the app. Simple as that.

That would make sense if it was just rendering something remote, like the YouTube site. That's not how apps made in HTML5 inherently work, though. The app still has to be updated if it's rendering HTML5 within it's own local container.

It's obviously bullshit reasons Google is throwing out just to stall any progress on a semi-official WP YouTube client. They're afraid of WP and that's that.

You do realize that Google isn't ALLOWING Microsoft to adhere to the terms of service? Then they're using their non-compliance as reason to block it the app.

Yeah. If you believe MS spin. MS has a history of lying blatantly. It's foolish to trust their account.

Funny thing is is the comments on WP Central's version of the article. They're all mad at Google for defending their quality standards instead of angry with Microsoft for their noncompliance. That and they think WP is a challenger in the OS world. Good god, that kool aid must taste great but if it's not poisoned, you're doing it wrong.

Not sure I agree. If Exchange stopped working on Android because Google refused to support pop3 standards, I'd be questioning Google's practices. This is that situation in reverse. There is a clear scenario painted here and choosing to agree with concepts like fairness and integrity is not the same thing as blindly sucking down kool-aid. You can tell the difference because my argument is not, "fuck microsoft!!!", but rather it is, "play by the rules". The difference is in the content and context. Good luck.

LOL! Since when has Google had any quality standards? 99% of their software sucks. Google Docs is a joke compared to Office. Google Drive is a joke compared to Skydrive. Google Music is a joke compared to Xbox Music. I can go on and on. Google wouldn't know quality standards if it bit them in the ass.

Hey look at my live tiles! Hey we have the top 50 apps. Hey it's all integrated into the OS!

Pfft. What you have is Kids Corner and a hall ass notification system. Fix that first, and then follow Google's requirements to get YouTube access.


This is anti-competitive behavior, no doubt about it. Google as a platform should want the best experience for their users on any platform, no matter the size. Especially when it's at no cost to them. Same goes for MS....what Google really wants is Chrome on Windows Phone. So MS, open the platform up to other browsers (ie weeps), and Google get over yourself and unlock the YouTube api.

API is plenty open... So long as you follow the terms and conditions. Microsoft doesn't think they have to deal with such inconveniences and figures they should get to do what they want and that's just not how things work in the real world. Funny how they can wave bullish*t patents around with the best of them but following someone else's rules isn't fair...

Ultimately though, they need to stop complaining and do what they're told. Windows phone consumers won't stop using YouTube anytime soon... But they might stop using Windows phone. .

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Nope. Microsoft has attempted to comply with the terms and conditions, but Google keeps changing what they are. First Google complained about downloading and no ads, which was addressed in the last update. Now Google is demanding html5, which they are only demanding of Microsoft.

The ONLY conclusion that can be reached is that Google does not want real YouTube on windows phone. Its plainly anticompetitive and I'd imagine it won't be long before Google gets a request for information from the FTC and justice department.

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Google aren't changing their demands... HTML5 was part of the original set, as well as ads and no downloading.

MS decided to ignore that and this is the consequence.

What would be funny is if they forced them to use the WebM VP8/9 media files only within HTML5. It would force these other OS's (iOS/Win) to support that technology.

HTML5 was never part of it. Googles own engineers agreed that it was not feasible to include, which is why it wasn't. Someone outside of the the team Microsoft was working with decided on their own that it needed to be included.

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They're fine with Microsoft customers using YouTube. Either via a browser, which is supported or by an app that doesn't violate the terms of service by stealing from Google and content creators. Microsoft has the choice to provide either and chooses instead to steal from Google and then light their own house on fire. I'm sorry, but I don't see this as an ego thing on Google's end. They've given options, but ultimately they're under no obligation to provide solutions for 2% of the market when they've already made it accessible by any compliant browser.

How is Microsoft stealing? The most recent version of the app disallows downloading and shows ads. Google is upset because it isn't showing the RIGHT ads, but that's because Google is still refusing to provide the back end data needed to do so.

As for the web: Google has been intentionally neutering the web version of YouTube for windows phones.

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Personally I say screw em...Microsoft is pissed because they are constantly bad mouthing Google and mocking them and get no app love in return. DUH Microsoft just stfu and maybe Google will like you a bit more.

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Yup. Remember when Google created XMPP with the idea that all these chat services could talk together? Microsoft didn't want to let Google chat with it's MSN users, but sure as hell didn't mind exploiting the openness of Google and let their MSN users chat with Google users. For Microsoft it was a one way street. Karma is a bitch.

Well, when you steal a person's property it's hard not to badmouth them. Google is the one being unfair and is lying about the violation of its ToS. If the Android and iOS apps aren't being made from HTML5, then why should the Microsoft version? It's obviously a stupid Google attempt. No wonder Oracle doesn't like them and it doesn't surprise me Apple switched to Bing for Siri and it's own mapping service. It also doesn't surprise me that Blackberry uses Bing services. It's all going to come back. In the mean time I shall be going back to my Lumia 920 and using MetroTube or one of the alternatives and maybe after Google grows up, then I can return to my HTC One.

The Android and iOS apps are made by Google. They are the owners of the website and storage of the media. If you wanted to create a 3rd party app on Google, you'd have to use HTML5 as well. The rules for 3rd party apps are the same for EVERYONE regardless of OS. Why is this hard to understand?

Serves Microsoft right. Payback for all the Scoogled ads. Yes, the consumers miss out but maybe the Microsoft consumers can tell Microsoft to stop with the childish jabs at Google, pull their head in. Microsoft should also be allowing Chrome, but they don't. Sorry, but this to me is a big slap in Microsoft's face for being such a sore loser/child.

That isn't how business works. Unless you want to get bitch slapped by the authorities.

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The simple fact of the matter is that Google is being a whole bunch of words that I can't say here or risk wrath of the great AC robots and banhammers.

Is Microsoft perfect? Absolutely not. But there is no reason for Google to act so childish here.

While Microsoft's statement should be taken with a grain of salt, there is a great post on TechNet's blog about this situation. It is of course a bit slanted towards Microsoft's point of view but it is also pretty clear. The true reality of course lies somewhere in the middle but this is one of the times where I'm more inclined to believe Microsoft over Google.

What does Google gain from continuing this little game? Absolutely nothing. The people who buy Windows Phones will not suddenly decide to buy an Android phone instead. All they are doing is pissing people off, which accomplishes nothing.

You missed the fact that Microsoft is not only stealing from Google (ad revenue, in addition to the YouTube product), but also jeopardizing the YouTube service as a whole by stealing from the content creators? THAT is why Google is playing "this little game" and those are the stakes: they're huge.

It's so easy for Microsoft to comply here, but they're putting their ego and delusions of grandeur ahead of their customer satisfaction.

And all Google has to do to resolve this is to give Microsoft access to the Advertising API instead of forcing Microsoft to try to comply with it as best they can by reverse-engineering the API.

Lets also ignore the fact that there are about a zillion 3rd party youtube apps on the platform that do not even attempt to serve Google ads, yet Google leaves those alone.

I'd counter your contention regarding WP8 Youtube apps but I don't own a Windows Phone and thus don't know. Even as I sit her, spitting distance from the MS main campus, the only people I know who have Windows Phones are Microsoft employees.

Uh, nothing is true, you need to get your facts straight. The latest version serves ads and doesn't allow downloading.

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I saw that in their comments and they admitted they're the wrong ads and that they didn't comply with the HTML 5 requirements because Google's own apps are not built on that language. This is a silly observation because those apps are put out BY YouTube, not by third parties.

The only viable solution if they want to build a compliant third party version of the app is to meet every term that Google requests to the letter, irregardless of Microsoft's opinion of it's relative value relative to other operating systems.

What MS did was "agree to work on the HTML 5 requirement in the long term" but release their non-compliant app in the mean time. That is the sticking point. You can't break the TOS now and for the indefinite future with a "promise" to fix it in the future. The reason for the HTML 5 requirement seems fairly clear as well, so that Google can pass through necessary information, updates and views on metadata without giving the third party access to that information.

Is Google demanding that Microsoft Office be made available on Android, Chrome OS and from web browsers everywhere, irregardless of manufacturer, system requirements or operating system? See how silly that sounds?

I think I understood Microsoft's letter fairly well and the context that it falls in from the surrounding stories and from the last time you explained this, but I'm not willing to abandon logic just because MS feels entitled to steal other people's work to bolster their own significance.

I get that we're focused on different parts of the conversation, but lets not pretend either company is blameless in the cat fight or that either has any obligation to provide services for the other. If they work this out, everyone wins. If they don't, only Microsoft and the .5% of the world that uses Windows Phone lose. It's unfortunate for them, but there are other platforms.

No. Your understanding is not correct. Googles engineers agreed html5 was not viable to include, but someone higher up at Google decided to make it mandatory, while withholding the necessary data to make non-html ads work.

Google is in the wrong here. Microsoft should not have released the app, but Google should never have withheld this data in the first place.

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Microsoft reverse engineered the advertising API, and the ads they display are l ikely not at the same frequency/places that Google would mandate. Google probably also isn't thrilled with that API being reverse engineered.

Just because it does display ads doesn't mean it does it right.

Google is still the one with the ultimate control and power to fix this. Actually open it up to Microsoft and allow them to build the thing. Simple. Not sure why they won't. Google has to put zero resources into it and has something to gain, and a ton more to lose.

Microsoft was given direction by Google on how to program the app within the TOS of YouTube, then Microsoft ignored it and wrote what they wanted. The HTML5 code is what serves the ad function correctly (Metadata) and by trying to get around this, it is compromising the ad platform and putting Google at risk with their advertisers and a majority of their revenue.

That is not correct. Neither the iOS or android versions use HTML 5 in that way. There is an api that Google will not allow Microsoft access to, as well as the metadata.

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That is because those apps are made by Google. They obviously can do what they want with their own website and media files that THEY store. Every single API known to man limits 3rd party developers to a certain subset of access. This is normal.

I'm pretty sure Microsoft would be pissed and shut down Google if they attempted to reverse engineer SkyDrive, so that their Google Drive users could interface with any account they had there, or reverse engineer the MSN protocol so that Google users could chat with them as well.

Irrelevant. If Google will not provide the data, then they need to offer a legitimate method to offer up ads. (And no, HTML 5 is not legitimate, as determined by Google's own engineers)

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First time I don't agree with Google. They freaking collaborated with MS and released an official app, and now this lol?

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If I were at Google I'd be all like, "So Microsoft people. We let you have a YouTube app only if you could port that new mobile Halo game to Android. Deal?"

All kidding aside, definitely not good to see them fighting like this.

Both Microsoft and Google need to fix this YouTube app so we can put this chapter to bed.

Seriously, this is getting old. So what, if Windows Phone only has 3% market share; Google collaborated with Microsoft to release this version of the app. They should see it through, to its completion and proper release.

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Ask Microsoft about their work on OS/2 and how that turned out. Microsoft pulled a Zuckerburg to IBM's Winklevi on that deal.

I live in Microsoft land here near Seattle. I've seen first-hand what working for them can do to a healthy human brain. My friend is so brain-washed I can't even talk to him rationally about tech anymore without risking a fight. I've also spent a lot of time researching their shenanigans in the 90's that got them in trouble with the DOJ. They deserve everything that's coming to them.

Once again Google is being both anti-competitive and anti-consumer. Maybe Larry Ellison was correct.

How is Google being anti-competitive? By revoking a key because Microsoft can't play ball on the Term's of Service? Advertisers pay google good money to display their ads at the right time. Not to mention this is googles main revenue stream.

Microsoft can build it's own youtube app. All it has to do is comply with the terms of service that every other developer has to comply with. And don't think for one damn moment that Microsoft wouldn't do the exact same thing if the situation was reversed.

If Apple can comply with the TOS, then MS can certainly do it. Why would Google go out of their way to screw people who want to use their product? They wouldn't, unless MS was trying to screw with them.

Because they're scared of windows phone at the low end. They don't want a fully functioning YouTube app on windows phone.

Also, Google built the iOS app, not apple.

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That final point is why the HTML requirement is not relevant to the iOS or Android apps that are designed by YouTube. They're not a third party app. That's also most likely the reason that the API for meta data you mentioned earlier is not given to MS.

That makes it worse, not better, because it totally undermines Google's stated reason for requiring HTML 5.

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They require HTML 5 of third-party developers. Google is first-party and thus isn't required to comply.

Bring all Google services to Windows Phone! It would make my Lumia 521 so happy. Then maybe I'd actually use it more than once a month.

Exactly why Google doesn't support Windows Phone. Because only 15 people actually use it.

very ignorant on your part to say only 15 people use windows phone , if you are trying to be funny its not working. obviously there wouldn't be a windows phone if there only 15 people. anyways we still have to wait on wait Google has to say on this matter but its starting to look more and more like Google does not want to make an app OR at least help to make one. I came to this site to see the other side of the story but sadly I just see fan boys pointing the finger either at Microsoft or Google . in the end it just hurts consumers that actually want to try windows phone.

Of course I'm exaggerating. Google is a business and the main revenue stream is based on ads. I'm absolutely sure that if Google saw a way to make money on Windows Phone they would support it. The bottom line is Windows services are so entrenched in Windows Phone (rightly so) and the market share is currently to small to justify native support. Apple on the other hand represents a large percentage of the smart phone market, so it makes sense (again from a financial standpoint) to support native apps. I personally like Windows Phone and love Visual Studio even more (best IDE on the planet), but that's not that point here.

So is the end fighting lame? Yes! Is Google pressing their competitive advantage? Probably. Further more as a consumer and obviously a fellow geek. You bought a Windows Phone device with full knowledge of the app ecosystem problem.

Although I kind of agree that Google is strong-arming MS a bit too much, I would think it would be in Microsoft's best interest to truly follow the Terms and Conditions Google has set (even though Google isn't following the rules themselves, which understandably for MS, is very frustrating). Then they can brag about how their app is the only app, across all platforms, that follows this standard. Maybe then MS could take Google to court, get a court order to have all non-compliant apps be taken down. Then they would have the ONLY youtube app available.

Last I checked, the argument of "someone else did it so I thought I could get away with it too" doesn't work when you're trying to defend yourself to a cop of why you ran a red light or went over the speed limit. This could be used against both MS and Google, really...

In the end, its a sad day for consumers... at least silly people who buy MS Windows phones. silly silly people...

In all honesty, both (I'm not trying to be funny here) of my friends who have Windows Phones don't really care much about a YouTube app as they just go on the internet browser and watch YouTube there.

Still Terms and Conditions are there for a reason and (this goes for both Google and Microsoft) they are meant to be followed. I can't say that this would affect me much as I continuously notice my declining use of anything from Microsoft (even my laptop will likely not run Windows), but for those who have bought into the new Microsoft's ecosystem, this may be very bad for those who use Windows Phones who have been waiting on a YouTube app.

Sadly, Larry Page's dream of working hand-in-hand with everyone may have to be put on hold. Google and Apple seem to be working OK. Google and Microsoft on the other hand need some work.

im getting so sick and tired of the childish behavior on the part of google. If the apps is violating your TOS then why don't you build the fucking app yourself google and stop this childish behavior. It's not making you look good and you are not winning over people with your behavior.

They don't build the app because it's a waste of resources. If Microsoft doesn't like it, they should create their own Web video service and see how far that gets them. Maybe they can just buy DailyMotion and call it Bing Video or something even more hideous.

By now they've wasted more resources blocking it and squabbling with Microsoft than it would have taken to build the app.

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I just find it increasingly hilarious that Microsoft thinks they are entitled to things. After running smear campaigns, trying to sue android phone makers into the ground, bullying said vendors into making phones Microsoft, collecting a share of most android phones sold, threatening tablet makers with lawsuits and taking some to court they demand that Google help them and hold their hands into making a YouTube app? You damn right there's some hostility. Microsoft tried to keep android from taking off by being extremely petty in androids young days. Now that android has matured and is able to do actual combat with you on a level playing field they cry foul. As far as I'm concerned Microsoft reaped what they sewed. But a message to android users, looking down on an OS is not Ok. Android was once looked down on, now look.

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sure I disagree with your other statement but I DO agree with your last statement no one should look down on a OS everything has their strength and weaknesses :)

I can't believe what I'm hearing. You guys are all android fans and I get that. How is it fair that google allows IOS and android a youtube app that does NOT need HTML5 and they are telling MS that there youtube app MUST have HTML5 and they know how hard it is to get that to work! Both companies have agreed that would be VERY difficult. Jesus... it's just youtube.... one god damn app... Google is soooooooo much bigger than windows phone will ever be... How can this hurt them...? Especially when they are not pushing around apple to meet theses impossible standards! Now, what MS SHOULD do is disable Skype on android... Kill the crome browser in there 8.1 update coming later this year... One can only hope that MS is reading stuff like this and taking theses ideas.... Guys, I'm an android user myself and I know this is wrong!!! Google can't push around apple so they go for the little guy.... What ever happened to that "no evil" motto that google follows?!? LMAO!

All I'm saying is windows phone is on the come up, the way they treated android was so petty and uncalled for. YouTube is owned by Google. If Google wants to make an app for only the phones they choose that's Googles prerogative. They don't have to do anything for Microsoft. Just like how app developers keep using the same excuse that android users are cheap so IOS gets apps first.

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The way they treated android was...the same way android manufacturers treated iOS.

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Then get off your own lazy ass and write a fucking WP app. The API's are there and the code samples are plentiful. See how easy it is.

there are a a lot of good 3rd part apps like MetroTube and MyTube and others I forget. making another YouTube app would not solve the problem that there ISNT an official YouTube app. and if is so easy to make one, why isn't Google trying to collaborate with Microsoft because MS has expressed that they are willing to work together as stated by what they said. I know google has no obligation to make an app for windows phone but same can go to Microsoft that they aren't obligated to make a Skype app, have exchange, or for the simple good chrome they could take all those stuff off but again it would just hurt consumers.

Sahib, but that's my point. Writing apps is an expensive and time consuming business. Google doesn't see any market currently in it. Secondly IOS and Android represent 90% of the smart phone business.. Skype not supporting an Android application is bad business (also Apples vs Oranges). My only point again is Microsoft violated Googles API ToS. It was a calculated risk.

The fact that google doesn't support WP or the pointless end fighting between Google and Microsoft is not the point.

Except the app was built to googles standards, and then Google moved the goalposts and tried to say the app had to be html5.

Googles incentive to build the app or cooperate is that right now there is no way to monetize windows phone users on YouTube. The ONLY way to get those ads in front of their eyeballs is by cooperating and not pulling this BS.

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That read on makes a lot of sense. I especially like the part about branding! Google never cared when the lame ass official youtube app prior to this that was probably the worst ever. Now that the app is enjoyable, they talk about branding.. LOL... Also, I don't see google talking with any press release?? Apple does not require HTML5.... hmmmm... I have galaxy s3 and love it and really never had any desire to go to an iphone. My wife has one and loves it... Maybe I will sell this GS3 and get the 5s when it comes. Hey, the more money I give to apple, the more I hurt google... Lets face it.. They should be thinking about them right now and how to put the screws to them instead of picking on an OS that trying. Also, the Skype app for android is top notch and I don't see MS making a big deal about that. You know, there are more people that Skype thru an android phone than a windows phone.... Hey MS, shut that down for android and watch that community cry 10 times harder than this small windows phone community.

If Google dont want to build an app for WP, Then Microsoft should ban the use of Google Chrome in all Windows Devices. So that the Chrome browser will die

They couldn't do that. They would land in hot water with the US DOJ faster than you can say "Microsoft fanboy".

Google doesn't have to build an app for Youtube on Windows Phone. Period.

Wow I come back to Android only to see Android users are just as arrogant and self entitled as iPhone users. Nothing about this is right for consumers and you blind a** fanboys think this is perfectly fine until Apple gets something we cant then you'll be crying foul and saying that Apple is evil and unfair. Pot meet kettle. I really do hate you blind fanboys.

LOL. How is the taste of your own dog food Mr. David Howard? MS has been (and continue to do) this kind of crap for very long time. Now they on receiving end of their own tactics. What a cry baby?!

This is hilarious. The technology cold war is definitely over when Microsoft is viewed as a victim. Also when did technology become socialism? You have a product everyone wants so you must bend over backwards to provide it to your competitors? Sorry, if Microsoft really wants it, then they should jump through whatever hoops needed to get it.

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I think a lot of people are confused because they are acting like apple coded there own native YouTube app and Google is letting them get away with murder and not Microsoft. Google makes the YouTube apps for iOS and Android so I'm pretty sure they can make it anyway they want, Microsoft is coding this app just like they make there own Facebook app. Only makes sense to support the top 2 operating systems.

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That is precisely why the requirements are different. If it was more than 3% of the market, there would be justification. Obviously for iOS, being nearly 20% of the mobile market, a huge portion of the tablet market and a dedicated OSX market that wants to see their ecosystem supported.

Just like you mentioned with Facebook, Zuck has every right to make any demands of any third party that they want, as long as the requirements are fair and equal across all third parties.

Either way, I don't care. My only concern is that as an android user, I am afraid I will see something happen to the Skype app for it which I love and use almost every day. We all know how MS can get. If google pisses them off enough, we are going to feel more pain then the windows phone users are right now with no youtube. As for them restricting an app and not chrome for the desktop.. your wrong.. they will find a way to put the screws to it.. mark my words.... I'll be coming back and telling you.. TOLD YA SO!

Not sure who's at fault here, but I think Google should work with MS to get an official YouTube app for Windows phones, it only benefits Google in the end.

Google is wrong on this one. Microsoft is offering to make the native app themselves and have already worked with Google to try and serve up the same ad data as the Android and iOS versions. Yet Google refuses and insists they make a lame HTML5 app. Don't be evil my ass.

Microsoft should show them real evil start blocking Skype users on Android.

Yeah, that would be a smart move by Microsoft, block the biggest mobile installed user base from using your service.

They can block it. Skype sucks. MS went backwards when they tossed Windows Live Messenger in favor of Skype.

I'm pretty much in the Google camp. 2 Android phones, 2 Android tablets, Chromebook, Google search and other Google products, but this really annoys me. It's petty. And I hate petty. Reminds me of Apple, so stop it, Google, stop it!

Agree... I love android.. Have for years... but come on guys, you are really going to stoop as low as this? Go out of your way to block the WP users..? Throw them a bone already... I know that MS has not been kind to google in their infant years but does that make it right to pay them back now..? They already know as we all know that windows phone will NEVER surpass android or IOS, even if we give them their youtube app...

They aren't blocking WP users. They are blocking a non-compliant app. YouTube is still accessible from the browser.

I was over at the Windows Phone sister site reading their comments on this story..some of those guys are frothing at the mouth. *Walks slowly away*