Glass Hunt

"What are you doing," my wife asked me. Not an uncommon question around here, especially if I've got Google Glass on. The answers usually aren't all that common, either, and today's got her good. "I'm shooting footballs. Or potatoes. Or something. Definitely not ducks."

I was playing Glass Hunt, a little Glassware game from Derek Johnson and Jason Malashock. Little veggie burgers (or something) fly through the air, and you turn your head to line 'em up and take 'em out.

Just install, say "OK, Glass. Go hunting," and the ... things ... start flying.

It's better than headbanging, but not by much.

You'll need to sideload Glass Hunt, but that's simple enough. Give it a go at the link below.

Source: Glass Hunt


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Glass Hunt brings Duck Hunt-style shooting to Google Glass


Lol, nice. I could see how people on the street might think you were a bit odd

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If ever there was a reason to get glass this is it! Wow, just wow!!

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lol. Because some of us are confident enough in our own self image to not care if somebody thinks we look silly?