Infuse 4G

The Samsung Infuse 4G might finally see some Gingerbread soon, as build I997UCKI4 has leaked out for the 4.5 inch love child of a Captivate and a Galaxy Tab.  I know plenty of you have been waiting (and waiting) for the slightly late Gingerbread update, and seeing a 2.3.5 build leaked out is a good sign that something official is close.

If you like to live on the edge, you don't have to wait for AT&T to give you some Gingerbread goodies, you can hit the source link and grab the leaked file -- of course all the usual warnings apply.  We've got a couple folks in the Infuse hacking forums to help steer you right should you have any questions or hit any snags, drop in and say hey.

Source: SamFirmwareThanks, Jason!


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Gingerbread leak for the Samsung Infuse 4G now available


My experience has been a brick maker. I'm back to stock root. Wasn't pretty. I'd wait until we see some dev's put some magic to it.

It's working for me. Had to clear some settings to get things going, but I've been running it since shortly after this announcement. Haven't been able to root it though... SuperOneClick and GingerBreak both failed. Titanium Backup is therefore not working. GPS works better than it did on Froyo for me... YMMV.

Just wait!! Not worth your time and stress it has half the ingredients
And the oven is pre heating do not attempt this just hold tight