There's no shortage of music apps out there these days but a new one called Ghosttown has just hit the Android Market and is looking for a new audience. Having tested it out a bit before writing this up, it's looking pretty promising for the most part. Use of Ghosttown is free, with ad support but in case you don't fancy ads it's just $0.99 for the full version without ads.

The concept behind Ghosttown is a simple one. Fire it up and search for music you wish to hear. Be it by song, artist or album. It'll go out and scour the web for you to bring you the best results possible and present them to you. From the music it finds, you can create playlists as well mark songs as favorites so that they are always easily found and ready for your listening pleasure.

Not all is perfect in Ghosttown though, since it uses the interwebs to track down music, I did find that once or twice it simply just found samples of songs I was looking for rather then full versions. No big deal but worth noting for those of you who may be looking to give it a go. Jump on past the break for some more screenshots and the download link.


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Ghosttown music discovery app hits the Android Market


Really, if something costs 99 cents, either $0.99 OR 99c will suffice. Just sayin'
This sounds awesome, I'm gonna check it out.

Sounds promising, but I am not having any luck getting any of the songs to play. I am using an Evo and I have searched for Jay-Z, Adele, Alicia Keys and Mac Miller. It gives me a list of their albums and then when I try to play anything its not having any luck finding anything to play.

A little Motorhead love. I put my 1977 Mustang II Ghia in a ditch listening to "Eat the Rich" when I was in H.S. Funny how music sparks memories.