Samsung Fascinate

 Want to get the update Verizon has put out for the Samsung Fascinate, but don't feel like waiting for it to push to you?  Android Central forums Adviser Adrynalyne has the fully updated package all ready to download and flash.

It's the stock, non-rooted version that a Verizon employee would use if he or she needed to reflash your phone, including all the Bing and bloatware you can eat. 

Be warned that while you don't need to be rooted to run this update, you will need to use some advanced tools and methods.  That's the kind of help you can find in the Android Central Fascinate forums, so don't be afraid to dive in there and find the help you might need.

Fire up your computer, grab your USB cable, and get cracking!

[Android Central forumsThanks Adynalyne!


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Get the Samsung Fascinate update with no waiting [from the forums]


I wonder if this will shut up half the people in the U.S. who blame Samsung for the phones running Eclair (and also commenting that there are 10M phones running 2.1), probably not.

I wonder if Samsung trolls like you thought a backwater, MANUAL update would keep us quiet from pointing out that you're a lousy phone manufacturer. Get a clue before you decide to try and save face here.

I could honestly do without 2.2 for now, as long as this fixes the GPS and the capacitive button lights, and pretty much makes this thing run like it should have from day 1, I'm happy.

The same thing will happen with the Fascinate that happened with the Eris.....I will update to the Bionic and then the Fascinate will get 2.2


I bought a droid x on craigslist yesterday due to the fascinates issues. One thing that many seem to omit is its poor reception, particularly data. This update does fix some issues with the phone but completely ignores that issue. I love the graphical advancements that the fascinate has and can live without 2.2 but a phone that drops data signal is pretty frustrating.

I'd like to have some of the fixes from froyo. However, if this fixes the the capacitive buttons then I will be happy. I have had no real problems with my gps and I love everything else about the phone with 2.1
And it's not Samsung's fault like everyone seems to think. Samsung pushed 2.2 a while ago. Why do you think all the galaxy s owners in canada and the rest of the world for that matter have froyo. It's the carriers who now have to implement their bloatware and set limitations to the OS and still have it work. Start blaming Verizon and not Samsung.

Bababooey, why should I blame Verizon? Because they've updated all the Motorola phones and HTC phones with no problem? I don't hear any Droid or Hero users complaining about not getting updates. Maybe your manager at Samsung should have come up with a better story for you to post, troll.

So pissed off right now. Excuse my language.
I called Verizon about the update. No, they 'didn't have the update'.
Tried Samsung.

They told me no update, but froyo was in final stages. They denied the update existed. Told them to look at the picture here.

Told them I would never again buy Samsung.

Rant over.

zoo, get over yourself, bro. Is everyone that has a different opinion than you a samsung employee? Get real. How about you stop being a little cry baby. In all honesty, 2.1 has treated me just fine. I'm sorry I'm not a nerd who cares about having a new update when the current one works just fine.

And explain why, then, every other carrier and country has froyo from samsung. Doesn't it seem a little odd that it's only the US carriers that haven't pushed it yet?

Isn't it funny that Samsung keeps breaking promises it publicly posts about updates, but then their employees try to post comments that blame the carriers? Go back to Korea, buddy.

South Africa hasn't gotten their official Froyo update. Canada still hasn't gotten their's either. Yes, I'm a little nerd who demands the updates to the OS that I pay monthly to maintain. Phones that came out before the Galaxy S now have Froyo. Phones that have come out since are already getting Gingerbread. Your sidestepping of the issue doesn't make you a man, btw.

OMG. Bababooey and zooguitar both fight like little immature girls. If you want an update, Froyo, GB or otherwise, hit XDA and stop crying about not getting it asap. Root the phone, get clockworkmod, odin, busy box, etc & fix the problems yourself. Stop waiting for everyone else to do the work for you.

Yeah I hear that fix ur own phone isn't that why we got a Droid in the 1st place? I know it sucks that other phones get the love. But as a FC owner I was dissalusioned at first. Then I saw the XDA light! My phone can kick a$$ over those other ones. I use it for everything. I wouldn't change fir icrap either. No flash what, no side load what, too much in my way.
Get the superclean after rooting. Don't look back. What do you want a limited piece if c*@& fir anyway? OK off my soapbox. I walk anyone through it.
Chivo.Uno out!