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Google Currents continues to be that sleeper hit of the past year -- we just eclipsed 611,000 subscribers -- and we've just added another section that makes it that much sweeter.

With more than 900,000 members, Android Central's Android Forums are a key (and, if I may add, unusually friendly) source of information when it comes figuring stuff out. Need help rooting? The forums have you covered. Want to chat up the latest leak? That's where it's going down. 

Tonight, we've added our Android Forums to our Google Currents subscription. You'll be able to get all the latest forum threads just as soon as they're started. It's a fast and furious feed, to be sure. But it's an amazing tool that you'll want to be sure to check out.


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Get the latest Android Forums threads on Google Currents

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Have to pass on this. With JB on the GNEX, 1GB of RAM is hardly enough with the enormous OS memory footprint. On ICS I used to have 300+MB free almost all the time with all my apps running. With JB, I am lucky to see 120MB and it is usually less than 100. I have even seen out of memory errors in some apps.

(Don't worry, I have since adjusted my minfree values to combat the OOM errors at the minor expense of homescreen redraws from time to time. I guess I call it a fair enough trade.)