Collectibles Week

Google is kicking off a fun little promotion in the Google Play store today, and for the next week you'll be able to get exclusive content inside more than 20 games. The items and the games themselves are a pretty eclectic mix, some are Android themed like a t-shirt in Stardom or an Android monster in Monster Park, others are more mundane, like patio furniture in The Sims Freeplay.

This promo is available for everyone and not limited to the US only (Hooray!). If you're a fan of games with premium content, and want to grab some exclusives, hit the source links for more information.

Collectibles Week: US, outside the US; via: +Google Play

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IceDree says:

" This item cannot be installed in your device's country. " of course , as always :/

Mobius360 says:

Got this today in World War and was wondering what it was all about.

sebianoti says: they posted a link on google+ for those outside USA,

wraith404 says:

And I offer Google a tootsie roll pop, the uber SUCKER for promoting the god awful freemium model.

Gearu says:

But no one outside the USA uses Google+...

ghost010 says:

Are you sure? .... i do. and a thousand more.

and who is saying any thing about google+?
only some one in the comments.
you didnt need to go to google+ for that.

Gearu says:

He edited the article...
Said there was a link on google+

ghost010 says:

All games i don't even bother downloading.

wingster says:

What's the collectible item in Zombie Smash?