Android Central on Google Glass

OK, Glassholes. (That should really be a trigger phrase, right?) Along with all the new Glassware announced today comes support for IFTTT. And that means we can quick-and-dirty just about anything we want directly into Google Glass. And that means we now have Android Central stories shooting straight into Google Glass!

All you need is an IFTTT account and this recipe. That'll get you links to our stories, right before your eyes. 

Enjoy! (And be sure to check out all the other fun ways to follow Android Central!)


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Get Android Central stories in Google Glass with IFTTT!


Nothing on the new 5.0 twitter update? I got it a couple hours ago. Need AC 's take please.

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What is IFTTT? Looks like something else I need to sign up for, but didn't really understand what it wanted me to sign up for... so I didn't.