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A nice scoop from Geek.com's Russell Holly today, who confirmed what became was apparent after both the Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8 booted up with "Powered by Android" displayed prominently on the splash screen. Those who like to pick nits have long pointed out whenever a manufacturer doesn't bother to mention their Android phone uses Android.

Holly notes and provides a doc from the Google Mobile services agreement that the logo's required at boot, and "should always be at the bottom of the screen horizontally centered." So get used to it.

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Geek.com confirms 'Powered by Android' is now required at boot


That's exactly what I was wondering, not sure if it will show up for tablets like my Nexus 7 either.

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Since Google doesn't need to sign its own mobile services agreement for devices it helps design and sell, I doubt they will /have/ to... but some uniformity is certainly not a bad thing.

I don't really think that Nexus devices need it because most people who purchase Nexus devices are tech geeks like us, I think.

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I would have thought so as well, but with carriers stocking it like here in canada normal users do tend to pick it up now and than.

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That was my question. And would the Google logo splash screen be sufficient?

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Wait, which kneejerk reaction am I supposed to have here? The "yeah Google, stick it to those shitty OEMs" one, or the "OH GREAT, ANOTHER LOGO" one?

Do you really love lamp or are you looking at stuff in the room and saying you love them?

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Funny and +1. Don't choose. How about take either position depending on your mood at that moment Android pops up for all of 2 seconds.

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personlly I dont mind a logo on the startup screen tho. I've met a few people who didnt realize their galaxy phone was android, so my guess is thats the motive

I actually think this is great. Now those regular folk with Galaxys will realize they use Android.

...with TouchWiz *shudder*

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I asked a girl what type of phone she had recently....She told me it was the HTC Samsung. I said there was no such thing as those were two different companies. She said she was sure that's what it was. I asked to see the phone. It was a Nokia Windows device of some sort. She said, Oh that's right, Windows! Really, I think it is just we who know about these things. It's just seems commonplace to us b/c we're always on these sites

Maybe it is common place for us. But if I am about to spend $500+ on something whether it is up front or over 2 years, I am going to sure as hell know the name of it.


If it's over two years they likely have no idea they're spending $500. They think they're spending 50 or 100. That will change now with the hidden subsidies starting to go away.....

Yeah I can totally see this happening; doesn't surprise me a bit. I also think a large percentage of people never discover half of what their phone can do. I see it all the time with desktop Office apps people use for work all the time; why would it be any different with their mobile device....

I like that one I tried a Samsung Galaxy Ring before, and my friend asked what kind of phone I said a Samsung and he yelled at me and said it's a Android!!!

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This is a good thing. Consumers should know what OS their devices run.

Of course, what it should REALLY say is:

"Powered by Android Linux"

No, it should say Powered by Android Linux Unix. Cause Linux is a modified version of Unix.

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No it's not. Linux is a work-alike (well, work-similar) OS written from the ground-up that feels somewhat like Unix and can run many Unix apps if the source code is available compiled for that flavor of Linux.

Many Unix purists could spend a massive amount of time outlining all the ways that Linux works quite differently than Unix, revealing its alternate development origins.

Just because you can "ls" doesn't mean you've got a "version of Unix". Linux has no actual lineage from Unix. If Unix DNA is what you'd like, go FreeBSD.

--edit, Agree with above^^, meant as response to LucyLucid.

Very technically it should say Powered by The Android distribution of GNU/Linux

And by the way GNU means "GNU's Not Unix". It isn't a modified Unix. It was/is completely built from scratch. And at this date, is vastly more versatile and powerful, and has surpassed Unix in every conceivable way.

To say that Linux is a modified Unix, is simply a public demonstration that a person is as uninformed as you could possibly be on the subject.

I've heard the Verizon One doesn’t have it. Not sure if this is true.

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Not on mine either. I wouldn't think a carrier would want to veto something like this..not a big deal. As far as I can tell, it wouldn't effect squat. Just tries to remind consumers the OEM didn't do everything.

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Completely agree...VZW well probably make the OEM add "on Verizon wireless" the have their lte splash

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*ring ring*
*Sundar Pichai answers his phone*
Sundar: Hello?
Dennis Woodside: Hey, what's up Sundar? How's the ole' Android train chugging along?
*Sundar sighs*
Sundar: Uh, great, Dennis.
Dennis: Oh, well, I just had a question about this whole "Powered by Android" thing.
Sundar: And?
Dennis: Does Motorola have to do it since we're like basically stock anyway?
Sundar: Uh, are your phones Nexus devices?
Dennis: What...um, no?
Sundar: Then, yeah. You have to do it.
Dennis: Wait, Sundar. Don't be like that. We were so close!
Sundar: Man, you have to stop doing this. You can't keep calling me every day asking new questions about Android. You're Lenovo's problem now.
Dennis: Sundar, no, wait!

Well screw Sundar and Google for selling off Dennis and Motorola like that. It's over for these guys now that China has them.

The only thing to look foward to now from Motorola after the X2 are cheap 99-cent store grade material phones with the next update coming in 2019. Thanks a lot Google for breaking off a potential company.

So people don't know what OS they have when they buy a phone? I have minimal knowledge of techie stuff ,but I at least know what OS I have on my phone.

Yes there are a lot of people that do not know what OS they actually have. Girl at work bought a S4 around Christmas, after having an iPhone. I made the comment that it was good to see her giving Android a shot. Her response.... Um NO its not Android, it's a Galaxy from Samsung.

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Lmao same response everyone gives me, I'm in IT and hand out new devices don't even bother with it anymore.

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Well, before the smartphone era, most people didn't know what OS was running on their phones, so it shouldn't be that surprising that they keep this habit. It's funny though... Or sad

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Everything has logos,, just about all electronics have logo startup screens,, it should be expected

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I wouldn't count on that. Considering most people only reboot their phones if the battery dies or they absolutely have too.


OMG! If they would just FORCE OEMs to use stock Android, this wouldn't be necessary!
- An Android 1 percenter.

OMG! Another LOGO!
- A rare Androider who reboots daily.

Who cares?
- Everyone else.

If every OEM ran stock then the bare knuckle fights between htc and Samsung fans wouldn't exist. Face it, we love to see guys on these forums defending the honor reputations of their phones like they're standing up for their significant others...

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Definitely a good idea. Consumers should know what OS their phone runs on so they're not confused when using different layouts of Android.

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I thought my phone was powered by the battery...technology must be getting better!

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I wouldn't be surprised to see this addition on the Nexus 5 bootloader on 4.4.3 or 4.5 (most probable introduction).

We know that knock code is coming so when we get the update for that it could be packaged in. But I am guessing Google isn't requiring this for existing phones and most likely if Google isn't requiring it the OEMs won't do it.


Sounds like something partially intended to reel in Sammy s ambitions a bit.

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Seriously, who cares? This is a non-storey, with no real impact on anything.

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Really? Ask some people that have a Samsung device. They don't realize that their device runs Android. So, I would say it's important.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

Agreed. Who cares? Techno - geeks, yep. Most everyone else, nope. As long as their phone works, they're happy and this proves it. A phone is a tool designed to perform certain tasks and if it does so to someone's satisfaction, great. More important things to worry about than whether or not folks know what version of android or even if it is android.

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this should have been done ages ago. Maybe now we won't have dummies referring to an android device as "Droid"

This won't stop that. As long as Verizons "droid" line exists people will still call them that. Even after that maybe.


To be fair, Motorola really muddied the water when they named their line of phones "Droid". There are still some people who think those two things are synonyms.

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I'm not sure with what to feel with this one. On one hand, Google gets proper credit (as well as a platform for essentially free advertising) for their work with Android. Another, to snuff out ignorance of the general public - you primarily buy a Samsung Galaxy phone because it runs Android OS, not 'Galaxy OS' or 'TouchWiz OS' - true story. Then again, why compel manufacturers to brand their devices as 'Powered by Android?'

I mean, Lorinser, Brabus, (German car tuners) and the like modify Mercedes cars, but Mercedes doesn't require them to say 'Powered by Mercedes-Benz (AMG)' when they market them. People buy these modified Mercs because they are primarily... modified Mercs, not necessarily because they're Mercs. (The point is, people buy HTC's and Samsung's in droves because of how they made Android work to their wanting, not necessarily because it runs Android. Why would Google insist only now on doing this?)

This totally bothers me because I shut down and boot up my phone all the time


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This is the least of my worries in regards to google/Android. I have no problem or issue with them showing its powered by Android. Part of me just wish we could replace the boot logo like you once could.

It's good to see this. People need to be informed because if they buy an Android phone and start investing in apps and other Google services, they need to know that these things will continued to work on new devices that have the "Powered by Android" logo. It should even be posted on the information sheets that show the price and specs at the stores or on the web sites. This will not only inform customers that they are using an Android device, it will also differentiate official Google supported devices from other Android devices like the Kindles and Nokia X's, especially for compatibility reasons. So far, I've had to explain to my family and friends how Android works and why their devices are Android devices. In the future, I can just tell them to make sure the new phone they buy says "Powered by Android."

No. Amazon doesn't use Google Play or any of the other Google services. It is only for OEMs who want access to the Google Apps and services. Which again Amazon does not.

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The average consumer couldn't care less. They care about the camera, being able to get their favorite apps and being able to text/call.

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I can't even imagine why anyone would bitch about it.

My current phone is a Motorola Atrix HD. I began reading reviews of it before I purchased it.

There were so many people whining about how the Motorola name at the top and the AT&T logo at the bottom ruined the phone.

I drive a Chrysler 300. Guess what...it has the Chrysler emblem and 300 tag on it. Those bastards!

Does the phone perform the way it's supposed to?

Get over it!

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