Everyone's favorite stalking application just received an update. The new Foursquare 2.0 update allows users to access foursquare's "Tips and To-Dos" much easier within the app than previously before. "Tips and To-Dos are now out in the open, making it easy to share and plan your outings." Having these features out and more present to the user, should allow more and more people to add content to the service. The more people contribute to these lists, the more foursquare will become a useful tool in getting around the neighborhood -- and not just some app you use to stalk your co-workers. [Foursquare Blog]

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houserhythm says:

"... much easier than PREVIOUSLY BEFORE."
Seriously?! Don't you guys review your texts before posting?

Coolaaron88 says:

Imma stalk you on version 2.0 xD

skbgiants says:

Foursquare ONCE worked on my EVO 4g. I've unlinked my FB account, uninstalled fb for android, turned off htc sense for FB and STILL it refuses to post to my FB page?

any suggestions?