WWDC 2014

Today's a pretty big day in the tech sphere, and whatever your preference when it comes to mobile, it's always worth paying attention to what Apple is doing at its annual WWDC event which just so happens to start today. Most of the week is dedicated to developer sessions but the show is opened by a keynote address starring CEO Tim Cook and other assorted Apple executives. And our pals at iMore are on the ground in San Francisco covering the whole thing live.

iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 are certainly on the cards along with whatever new features they each bring to the table. This is the big Apple event of the year so if you want to know what's going down, then you'll want to be following iMore.

Fortunately, they've got a spiffy new event page all set up to pull in every single little thing you'll need to know. Apple will be streaming the event live online – as usual to Mac owners using Safari – as well as iOS devices and the Apple TV. If you don't fall into any of those categories – and even if you do – the iMore liveblog is the place to be. Whichever method you're choosing, it all kicks off at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern and 6 p.m. in the UK.

Head on over there to keep up with things as the day goes past, and drop into the comments below and let us know which Android things you think might be new in iOS 8 this year!


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Yay! We get to see all the "innovative" stolen ideas apples been working on all year. I heard iPhones are getting widgets?!? Welcome to 2009 iOS users.

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No no no no no. It's not 2009. It's innovation. NOBODY had that before because iPhones didn't. Everyone who says the contrary will get sued. You're telling me the same about NFC then? Pfffffffffff.

Lol widgets. Any form of customization out side of a jail broken device I will be shocked. Larger screen, better cam and bigger batt. Plus the focus on the ihealth stuff. That's all I see.
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Yeah, I can't see widgets happening. Maybe they'll announce some APIs that open up the notification pane to customization, but homescreen widgets? Doubtful.

I'm way more interested in what Apple does with hardware, anyway. There were some nice tweaks to iOS last year, and I liked the flattened design refresh, but the fingerprint scanner and updated processor were the really cool things that came out of last year's announcements.

Yea I do not see widgets in iOS future any time soon. Bigger screen for sure. The day might finally come when I can finally say, "I told you so" to all the apple fans who said a large screen would never happen and 3.5 or 3.7 were "perfect."

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I wish we could just meet in the middle, honestly. Apple's 4" screens are a little too small, but if we could get really high-end phones in the 4.3-4.7" range, I'd be thrilled.

While it is certainly interesting to see what Apple is doing, I don't think their software changes have any impact on the broader tech world anymore. On desktops Microsoft, for better or worse, has their own unique vision. They aren't following apple at all. And in mobile it has been the other way around for the past few years with Apple adding features Android and others have already had. The last innovation was Siri, and even there they have fallen well behind Google Now and Cortana.

The real interest is their hardware where they still lead the pack in many respects. And there I don't expect much, if anything this week.

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Am i the only one here who likes Apple? Just because i use Android, that doesn't mean that i spend my time bashing the competition and call successful companies and their users names. I'm just as excited for I/O as i am for WWDC :) .
A proud Apple and Google/Android user.
BTW i checked iMore's comment secton about Google I/O last year and i'm glad there iMore readers weren't immature and started screaming 'Why is this here? Screw Lagdroid!!!!' . I hope i'll see a similar level of maturity in this comment section. You're not winnig anything by bashing the competition and their users.

Yeah, it does get a bit annoying all the Apple hate (please keep in mind I don't own a single Apple device, nor do I ever intend to). In those commenters defense; however, you haven't seen anything until you go read the comment section on Windows Phone Central.....

Got Nexus?

OK, disregard my previous comment. I do understand some of the Apple hate after what they just pulled with iOS 8 and their Android hating session. Geez Apple, I wanted to at least respect you....

Got Nexus?

Yea, that's stupid. Why would only people who have Apple devices be able to live stream? They are ALREADY Apple customers. You'd think they'd want NON-customers to live stream so that maybe they will become interested in buying Apple products. Or is MY thinking stupid? I'm an Android/Windows user, but I'm interested in all tech. Watching the live stream could potentially make me decide to (impulse) buy an Apple product or two. (well probably not ME personally, because I think their prices are too high for what you get, but others may not care about that aspect) But they don't want that opportunity, I guess. Learning of things after the fact, IMO, does not have the same impact, like sports.

I'd like to think that we are all tech fans who appreciate innovation no matter where it originates, because eventually it spreads to all platforms.
Personally, as someone who uses all the major platforms, I find that apples innovation is on the hardware side. Their software can be quite good, of course, but it hasn't moved the needle since iOS first came out. So in that sense I'm not particularly excited for WWDC, though of course I'll still be hitting the blogs this afternoon in case I'm wrong.

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nope you are not. i have the new macbook air and love it, i hate windows 8 so much. although i love android and ios hopefully,the new iPhone has a bigger screen. might switch back then.
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I hope they introduce something game changing. Some idea that the whole industry will benefit from existing.

Sadly I believe I will be disappointed like usual. Android needs some software feature competition instead of the pretty transition/polished software competition IOS provides. With out this competition, the market will stagnate more than it already has.