Fleksy shipping with Samsung Gear S as system-wide keyboard

Fleksy has partnered with Samsung to bring their keyboard to the Samsung Gear S smartwatch. Fleksy will be completely integrated into the smartwatch as a system-wide keyboard, available at launch of the Gear S at no additional cost.

Fleksy already makes an app for Samsung's Gear 2 smartwatch, Fleksy Messenger, which Fleksy says it will still support. Fleksy combines gestures with a powerful autocorrect to make typing on any size screen as easy and conveniant as possible.

How do you feel about Fleksy coming pre-loaded on the Samsung Gear S? Leave your thoughts below in the comments.

Source: Fleksy


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Fleksy shipping with Samsung Gear S as system-wide keyboard


If only the Gear S were penta-band GSM. GSMArena says quad-band only. I have a cheap data-only WIND plan here in Toronto.

You will want to type on your smartwatch when your phone is not ​with you. However FlickKey, not Fleksy is the keyboard of choice. It is the only keyboard that is both fast AND accurate on smartwatches. It doesn't have to guess what it thinks you are typing. FlickKey just types what you tell it to.