Android 2.1 on Samsung MomentAndroid 2.1 on Samsung Moment

Hey, all you guys and gals out there with the Samsung Moment who have been patiently (or not -- we do check our Twitter replies, you know) for your phone to get the latest version of Android: It looks like things are getting closer after missing that rumored March 26 date. Above (and after the break) are shots of Android 2.1 running on the Moment, straight from KansasCityJoe in our own forums. In his own words:

Just got it early this morning and it is not for general release yet. I just started playing with it, but it seems much faster/more responsive than 1.5.

It does not appear to have pinch-to-zoom on either the Gallery or the Browser. Same backgrounds/bloatware that 1.5 has. When you launch NFL Mobile Live, it tells you it will be replaced by "Sprint Football Live".

It actually, now, has VPN built in (PPTP, L2TP, L2TP/IPSec both PSK and Certificate-based). Bluetooth is vastly improved. There is no more cutting out. Your headset will re-pair without having to put the phone into discoverable mode after you reboot.

You slide-to-answer a phone call now. It has voice input ("an experimental feature using Google's networked speech recognition") built it and it actually works! No more texting while driving! Extremely cool!

Email will now work with any certificate (not just signed).

The update erases everything on the device, and it's probably a good idea just to reinstall everything from scratch. Some of the 1.5 apps I'm not finding in the Market for 2.1. And some versions of apps in the Market say they don't work with 2.0 yet.

So, you've got the latest and greatest Android 2.1-update1, same as the Nexus One and, now, the Droid, though with a couple of caveats. Build number is listed as ECLAIR.DC23, Kernel version is 2.6.29 and the baseband is S:M900.8.05.DC23.

What does that mean, in English? An Android 2.1 upgrade and all its bells and whistles appears to be in the works. Hang on just a little longer, folks. More pics after the break. [Android Central Forums]

Android 2.1 on Samsung MomentAndroid 2.1 on Samsung Moment

Android 2.1 on Samsung Moment


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First pictures of Android 2.1 on the Samsung Moment


I can't wait :) Btw- I gotta admit you are quite fast in getting this posted on the front page ;)

If you read the thread, he says it does not have live wallpaper, it could be that it's disabled in this build, or that it just didn't come with any. as far as the app drawer, I thought that was a nexus one only thing, hopefully I'm wrong.

Yeah, I got it all right, version 2.1. Now, NONE OF MY JPEG PICTURE FILES WILL OPEN !!! GRRRRRRR..... I HATE MY DROID. I want my old Windows based phone back. I'm sick of crappy Google based apps from the "market". I miss folder based operations. I hate Google map results that do not show the nearest search results (gas, pizza, etc) first. And most of all, I hate the side button on the droid that accidently reduces ringer volume while you hold the phone in your hand. The ringer volume should be accessed by software, not a side mounted hardware button, mounted on the only safe place to hold the phone (where it is sure to be accidently pressed).

And now, 2.1 has f**ked my "gallery" functions. Thanks a lot, Google.

dont be so angry. i love my droid. however im still waitng for 2.1 update. AND No, im not gonna root it or install it manually

That's what I'm talking about more action less rumors. People with DROID have the update and don't want it now what r u stupid. U waited this long and u r still complaining about it . Just change phones and stop cringe u big babies. As for me I can't wait to get my hero updated "BUY SAID"

There is no live wallpaper. It killed the battery life, so they left it out. Be patient kids, good things come to those who wait and Sprint is making sure this one is good and ready. The best thing you can do is not get your hopes up about specific dates, that way they don't realease a Beta quality product and you b!tch and moan.

Nice, I can't wait until it gets here. I feel like the 1.5 doesn't take full advantage of the faster processor (compared to other 1.5 phones) that's in the moment.

My friend is getting the Moment soon, after carrying around a clunky no feature(except a 1 MP camera) blag monstrous flip phone. She is lucky that I convinced her to go Android. ^_^


Thanks so much for the coverage. Now all the noobs on Sprint's BAW forum can quit whining about 2.1. Before we know it, we will all have 2.1. Just get it done right Sprint.

DUDE WHO KEEPS ON SAYING THERE IS NO LIVE WALLPAPERS??? I read all of kansasjoe post and not one say there is no live wallpapers so if somebody can show proof of where this is at?? i would gladly appreciate it. cause i will be ANGRY lol cause thats one of the good things i was waiting for from 2.1

Your proof is my word. This is a 'LEAK', so proof is kinda thin anyway. I have an idea though: quit acting like a 4 year old (I assume you're not a 4 year old, am I right?) The live wallpapers framerate was extremely low and the battery life got tanked. It's for your own good. Now quit being a brat and just be patient a little while longer.

It's for our own good? Why not give us the live wallpapers and let us make our own decision on whether we want to use them or not!!! You're right, we are not 4 so why not let us make our own decisions. and the proof is "your word"? Why should I belive you? I don't know who you are. You could just be one of those "rumor" starters who has nothing better to do than mess with android users, updating your comments to forums from you're crappy little iphone

>>It's for our own good? Why not give us the live wallpapers and let us make our own decision on
>>whether we want to use them or not!!!
Think outside your small world for second: Not everyone is as 'smart' as you. The majority of the users on the phone will walk into the Sprint store wanting a refund because their phone battery is defective. This is costly. To you, the cause-effect relationship is clear. To 99% of the other valued customers that own one of these phones, this relationship between live wallpapers and battery life isn't be apparent. It will cost Sprint more in the long run. But the bright side is I'm sure some brilliant kernel hacker on SDX forums will enable them for you and you'll end up voiding your warranty but having your decorative live wallpapers. Or perhaps you could do it yourself?

>> You're right, we are not 4 so why not let us make our own decisions. and the proof is "your word"?
If you won't take me at my word that I know these things and I don't need to explain why... Please explain why should I take you're word that you're not a four year old trained to batter random comments out on AC.

>>You could just be one of those "rumor" starters who has nothing better to do than mess with
>>android users, updating your comments to forums from you're crappy little iphone
I appreciate the personal attack; it makes me feel worthwhile that the internet still provides a thin veil of anonymity... but you can relish in the fact that I'm correct about everything I've said. Another critical thinking point for you: Isn't in the best interest for both of us to protect myself and my sources? Keep an eye out for 'anonymous' comments on more of sprint posts and I'l contribute when I feel is necessary.

And for the record, I have no ties with the person who provided the screenshot leak.

This update is long overdue...I feel that the Moment owners are treated as the red-headed step children to Nexus One and Droid users. Enough talk...bring it on already!!

Not sure why anybody cares so much about live wallpaper. Least of my worries. I want 2.1 for stability and (please Google gods) Bluetooth that actually works. Love the Moment, hate 1.5 software. I'd say it was beta software if I did not know better. I really need it yesterday.

All we can do is wait. people say don't get your hopes up, i say why not. When the update for the hero comes out i am going to be like a kid on chrisTMAS morning. Can't help it my hopes are pretty high right now. GIVE ME GIVE ME GIVE ME. "NUFF SAID"

I couldn't care less about live wallpapers (or any other kind of wallpaper)--or for that matter ringtones, Beyonce, Twitter, Sprint Football (waste of my monthly payment) or ANY other meaningless, pointless frippery!!

All I care about is: Ease of use (C- grade), Stability (C+), Security (B+ as far as I know so far), Battery life (F---), Timeliness of OS Upgrades (F-), Ease of OS Upgrades[Issue one] (B possibly--now that Sprint has finally! seen the light regarding over the air updates!) Ease of Upgrades [ISSUE TWO!] (F---- WTF Do you guys mean that I have to lose everything to get this update??!!?? What on Earth is Sprint SMOKING to make Android 2.1 (which we have waited over 4 mths too long for already) a HARD RESET. That's a FAIL!!!

If Microsoft can make Windows 7 (and every other previous flavor of Windows), update it self w/out wiping the hard drive, then Google and Sprint can bloody well do the SAME with Android!! Don't even try to tell me they can't. The aps all update that way, smoothly and with little fuss, and also the first computers that ran Windows probably had less power than todays smartphones and at least in the 90s they did it. Whether or not they did have less power and memory than the Moment, there is absolutely NO technical reason it has to be a hard reset upgrade!! It there is, then ALL that means is something is designed DRASTICALLY wrong in Android!! For those who will say "stability" will be better with a clean install, I say again: No it wouldn't--NOT if the darn thing was designed right in the first place! For a so-called "clean install to be a more stable install, either the OLD version or the NEW version (or BOTH) have to be written in such a sloppy way that they don't install the new version correctly every single time. If the aps are considered at fault, then they are not being tested strenuously enough before approval. They can even be sandboxed off so they don't cause a problem when the OS is updated (maybe sandboxing isn't the correct term for this, but I refuse to believe something can't be built in that holds aps and everything else at bay so a good install can be had--w/out hard resetting) (or) the OS and Sprints or Googles systems can automatically redownload the compatible aps later and install them (time consuming but it beats manually doing it). Bottom line, ANYTHING that is accomplished MANUALLY by the consumer when he/she upgrades via a hard reset is something that CAN and should be automated!!

The more I contemplate this absolute dog mess of an OS upgrade, the more I'm thinking about calling Sprint and telling them that next month they can HAVE my monthly payment, BUT FIRST before I send it in, they must FIRST REFORMAT all their OWN computers! And when they ask me WHY, WHAT'S my reason, I'll just say "Same as you, NO REAL reason!! I'm just SO impressed with the way you cheerfully and obliviously expect EVERYONE ELSE to just delete all THEIR DATA and START OVER, that I've just decided to emulate SPRINT in ALL THINGS!"

The other thing I need is the other 3/4 of the battery that wasn't included in the Moment!. One to one and a half hours of battery life (at most!) is a fart in a windstorm!! I (almost) couldn't care less about thinness (at least compared to battery life). I'd rather it be thick as Blackberry (or more) and have a battery that had five to ten times the milli amp hours, than to just have the "demo mode" type, pathetic battrery life it has now. Yes, I know that 2.1 is SUPPOSEDLY going to help with battery life, but there's only so much a software tweak can do. Can it at least quadruple the battery life?? I think not. The last time I checked online, there was STILL no extended battery available!?! What's up with that?? I need 4000 to 8000 m.a.h. preferably. I know they won't make it that big, but that's what I want.

Your battery is a dud. I can watch youtube videos for waaay more than that with wifi on. You should get that checked out.