FIFA app

FIFA — that's the world governing body for soccer — has released its own Android app, appropriately named "FIFA."

The app, which is free and available for devices running Android 2.3 and up, is a portal into the latest soccer news, from the upcoming World Cup next summer, to the European leages to the MLS here in the United States. As far as apps go, this one's pretty decent (though the font's a bit annoying), with the usual sort of design you'd expect from a news-type app. There's also a section for live matches, and you can get recaps on video on photo galleries as well.

We've got a few screen shots after the break.


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FIFA releases its own FIFA app for latest FIFA (and other futbol/football/soccer) news


Nah. Football is not Soccer. Football is played with an elliptical ball where as soccer is played by actors and a round ball.

Football was created in 1863, while "American football" was created in 1869, so later than the original. The original is played with a round ball while the american one looks like rugby ball. Therefore, I dont know where you guys took the word soccer from, but it doesn't make any sense!!

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Why is the American one called football anyway? 99% of the game is by hand

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not to mention american football is played mostly with your hands and body, while football is played entirely with your feet (exception for the goalkeeper and messi who uses everything but his hands).
FOOTball is played with your FOOT. I guess its american logic

Football was created long before 1863 it was around since the middle ages its just that the first set of footballing rules was created in 1863 where as American football is a variation of ruby which in turn is a variation of actual football because they couldn't agree how the game should be played

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Didn't realize it's a brand new app... Downloaded it 2 hours ago when I see it on my Google play home as recommended

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And American football cones from how much time the Egg comes into contact with the foot... Which is like only a few seconds a game. Makes sense to me...

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Downloaded it, it really nice app not sure if I like this or the new HTC Footmob app better I have both installed seems the HTC Footmob is like their blink feed and I like that layout.

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