Fieldrunners HD

There she be, folks -- Fieldrunners HD. It's tower defense done like never before, with excellent graphics and sounds. It's got more than 400 levels and four battlefields, seven towers and three difficulty levels, plus two additional modes once you beat the Classic game.

Fieldrunners HD is a pretty big download at 36MB, and it's available on Android smartphones (not tablets yet) running Android 2.2 and up. Download it from the Amazon Appstore for free today at the link below.

Download: Fieldrunners HD


Reader comments

Fieldrunners HD now available in the Amazon Appstore


I grabbed this for my charge it's great. It does load on the xoom but when you go to play the screen is blank. Hope there is an update to it soon ;-)

screen went blank on my tab 10.1 and then when the level started it popped back up, was able to play 100 levels with no problem.

Sweet! I was just getting board with Plants vs. Zombies since downloading it the day it came out as well. I love sweet free games. Thank you Amazon.

Haven't tried it yet, so maybe it is awesome, but I still don't see why it is so big. Are these giant dowmload games ported somehow that adds tons of overhead?

@ANDROID_JUNKIE Pew Pew 2 already was a freebie on Amazon a while back.

You think the game size is bad. Try beating Plants vs Zombies some day. Out of nowhere the game data jumps to 15MB once you beat it. Makes no sense.

Loving the Amazon Appstore's Free App of the Day! I have downloaded a lot of games for free from Amazon since their appstore debut.

Do these free for a day games stay tied to your account? or is it one download only? So if I flash a new ROM do I lose this and have to pay for it if I want it again? Never used the amazon store before this.

They stay tied to the Amazon account. You just have to install the appstore again and then go to My apps and you can download and install them again. It is what I did when I hard reset my phone about a month ago.

Got it on my Captivate. A straight hour of gameplay before I could pull myself away to write a comment. Best tower defense game I've played. Reminds me of Penguins attack.