Niantic Labs Field Trip app for Google Glass has received an update that enables voice controls. And all you have to say is "Okay Glass, Explore Nearby" to kick Field Trip into high gear. Field Trip hit Google Glass back in August of 2013, and it's just now getting support for those voice commands that typify Glass.

So what took so long? Despite Google Glass supporting voice commands, it was only recently that third party apps gained the ability to work with those voice commands as well.

If "Explore Nearby" isn't enough for you, you can take Field Trip on Glass and get more specific and look specifically for instances of notable architecture, history, art, food, and the generalist category of "Cool Stuff".

Those that want to try it out can grab Field Trip from the Google Play Store, and the Google Glass app through MyGlass.


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Field Trip gets voice control through Google Glass


Was thinking "no big deal" until I watched the video and that looks pretty damn awesome! Looks like this would be a pain if only one person had this enabled in a group though. It'd make me want to narrate to them.

It does look awesome, Funny thing about the video... 1) It was NOT old faithful geyser. If it was, there is extremely limited cell service and it likely would not have worked at all! And 2) I would have loved to see the guy with the $1500 google glass be the one who fell out of the boat, and the last noise you hear is the swearing because he just ruined them.