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Developers who spend time to make apps that look great on a tablet get a shout-out from Google on a new page at the Google Play site.

Google has put up a page at Google Play that focuses on apps designed with a tablet in mind. Android doesn't require applications to be specifically written for tablets, instead opting to allow developers to use UI elements like fragments to better utilize screen real estate on any device. But the truth of the matter is, most app developers aren't doing it. Hopefully, a chance to get featured by Google will jump start a bit more development in this area.

We're not saying it's easy to make one app work across all devices, because it's not. Google provides a good toolbox for it, and they have outreach programs for developers, but it still takes time and work to make you app look great on both a phone and a tablet. While Android is the market leader for smart phones, their tablet sales fall to a distant third behind Apple and Amazon. It makes sense for developers to focus on an app designed to look great on a smaller screen before he or she starts worrying about tablet-sized screens and the new challenges they bring.

Anyhoo, it's nice to see Google give props to a handful (there's 116 apps featured) of applications that are awesome on your tablet, and we hope this list grows and grows. To check them out for yourself, just follow the link below.

Source: Google Play. Thanks, Tomas!


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'Featured Android Apps for Tablets' page now on Google Play website


I have had that page for a very long time on google play website. am i missing something? It says "For tablets" on app page and clicking on see more will bring this featured page. I am confused now.

jerry you made a typo "Android doesn't require applications to be specifically written for Android"

Yeah, me too. And I don't even have anything besides apps in the Play Store, cause I'm not in the US (or a few other lucky countries).

The same lol.
Looks like we had something US resident didn't have...this felt like a fresh air considering that Google always give newest things to US residents. =D

Well considering you guys get ALL the phones first I'd call it a wash (barely. I think most people would rather have the tech first and the silly features that Google releases second)

Not to burst your bubble but that page has been here in the states for a long time now. I'm thinking AC editors finally looked at the Google play web site

Thanks, bought my parents the N 7 and I'm waiting for the new Nexus 10 to come out to be my first tablet, and I had no idea about this. I knew quite a few apps weren't optimized for tablets and this will help more.

Android has 49 percent of the tablet market and is forcasted to be over 50 percent in 2013. That included the Kindle but to say android is a distant 3rd is wrong, even taking out kindle it isnt a distant 3rd