Fandango for Android

If you go to the movies a lot, you need to check out Android's Fandango app. Or at least check out our video of it at CTIA after the break. Trailers, theater info and more, all there on your Android phone.

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DVNO says:

Any difference between this and the flixster app?

Quasar says:

I was wondering the same thing. Flixter is a great app for this too but is one better than the other for any reason?

level32 says:

Depends on the area you're in. You might be able to purchase from one and not the other.

r-nice says:

Have this on my Pre; this and Flixster are pretty much the same. Only difference is that you can buy tickets through the Fandango app. Their is a dollar convenience charge on every ticket you buy though.

monkeyzero says:

I'm a little confused here, I've had this Fandango app on my Hero for months. Why is it reported like it's new? Am I missing something?

Nope. Same app. Never said it was new. :p They were another one of the developers we caught up with at CTIA.

monkeyzero says:

OK Thanks. I just assumed (again we see what assuming does :p ) it was being reported as new.

storm2k#AC says:

Personally speaking, I really like the Fandango app. I love that I can buy tickets right through the apps, and my favorite theater is one of the theaters in the beta test of the 2D barcode tickets.

MangoGT says:

I would love to use this soon as Verizon decides to release the Nexus One/Incredible.