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Twitter client Falcon Pro is attempting to step around Twitter's 100,000 token authorization limit by releasing a new version of the app with a separate application ID. Just a few days ago, the client had to stop authorizing new users because it hit the Twitter-imposed limitation, which users feared would stop development. Taking to its official Twitter account (naturally), the developer explained the situation, and how he intends to fix it -- at least for the time being.

The plan right now is to release a new version of Falcon Pro -- just the small step to 1.6.7 -- that has a new application ID, which would technically identify it to Twitter as a new client, with a fresh new set of 100,000 user tokens to assign. In order to do this, old user tokens have to all be revoked, and anyone opening a previously installed version will have to re-login. By wiping out old tokens and "starting over", Falcon Pro is hoping to stay active for a while longer.

The price has also been raised -- to $1.95 (€1.49) from $0.99 previously -- to hopefully slow down how long it takes to hit the limit again. The last version hit the 100,000 token limit with less than 50,000 official paid Google Play downloads though, which is disconcerting. We know that a "token" is not a user, and those with multiple devices and accounts occupy multiple tokens, but the average tokens per user is likely well under 2.

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For now, Falcon Pro v1.6.6 is still a comical $132.12 in the Play Store, with a reminder in the description not to buy it because there are no tokens left. The developer plans to release the 1.6.7 update to the Play Store tonight, and we'll have to see how long it takes to hit the limit again.

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Falcon Pro releasing new version of app to sidestep token limit


That's a pretty good idea. It is kind of a hassle for the average user to register as a developer and get a token just to use a Twitter app though.

I know some people have been skeptical of the claim by Falcon that there are tens of thousands of users that pirated it, BUT, of all the people I know that use Android, I've only seen one using Falcon Pro, and they told me it was priated. So 100% of the people I know using Falcon have pirated it... Not really reflective on the rest of the users, but it tells me there's a lot pirated.

Heck I've even seen pirated versions of one of my apps, despite the fact that its free and that you can download it from Mediafire if you don't have the Play Store. I don't really care about it though.

So let's see, I have to rebuy the app delete my old falcon act and hope I get a token. Isn't this screwing the previous users?

I have a similar question. Earlier in February, I purchased Falcon Pro. Will I be required to re-purchase it (and hope I activate before another 100k people) in order to upgrade to the latest version?

Re-reading after your comment. Makes sense now. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my question.

From what I understand, it's an update to the existing app that's resetting all of the tokens. That means you'll have be to act quick on both the update and sign in to get a token, though if most of the existing tokens were inactive or pirates, I imagine most will be able to get in through legit means.

AFAIK token is linked to account instead of device.

Falcon is just resetting the key, not creating a new app or anything. Just changing the keys. The option is available for piracy and misuse etc.

Edit it before Twitter reads this and thinks that he actually made a new app when he just resetted tokens.

It would seem that is probably the case. Just a way to drop the pirates and people who just looked at it then un-uninstalled. The pirates will be back, unless he also added some smarter anti-piracy features.

Still this method can't escape Twitter's attention, and they might put a stop to it. After all, what would prevent him naming it Falcon-B Falcon-C etc to game the system?

He did. Lots of licencing changes.

The difference is that the new version of the same app uses a new set of keys. He'll delete the old Twitter application keys once everyone's on the new version of Falcon, thus keeping only one set, the one that contains the keys of people that actually use it.

Your old token is effectively being taken away. From the dev's tweets, it sounds like you'll just have to log in to the app and authorize it again to get a new token.

I don't understand why twitter doesn't just let me reassign the token I already got for this app to a new device. Its really crap and if I didn't use twitter so much I would boycott.. Lol

I'm not impressed that the app reached 100.000 tickets with 50.000 downloads.. many users use more then one devices. ( cellphone and tablet )

I for once did.. but its nice the change to clean some pirate tickets..

the tokens are per account, not per device. so if you were logged in on 3,4, 5 devices, if its the same Twitter account, it's still just 1 token.

Well, I was using the app with no issues on my phone & when I tried to log in with my tablet I got the no token available error (using the same account)

all you have to do is click the login option and punch in your login details. If you already had it authorized prior to the limit it will work.

The update just came down. I had to reauthorize the app, and it is now re-downloading my tweets, as it had to delete them after reauthorizing.

hi boyz..

I knew Falcon Pro in the last week and I cannot try and buy it for the tokens problem..
Yesterday I read the news into another blog and I think that I have been one of first to buy it after the tokens reboot!!

I read into this post that if I use 2 android device I'm currently using 2 token, don't am I? It seems a little bit strange to me..

Well I decided to support this developer and purchased this today. I held off before because I already have Tweetcaster Pro and was also using Carbon. I must say this is a wonderful Twitter app. I really hope this developer is able to get more tokens in the future.

Why can't twitter sell tokens or something?