Fake Infinity Blade II Android port weasels into Google Play

Some wily con artist thought it would be a good idea to snag the branding and assets of Infinity Blade II and post it as their own on Google Play. Except instead of actually including the game in the download, they try to get hopeful players to collect a bunch of points through ad clicks on the TapJoy network before delivering an asset pack that amounts to about 1 GB of nothing. The Google Play listing is convincing enough to the casual observer: description verbiage pulled right from the iOS App Store, "2011 Chair Entertainment Group LLC" as the developer name, the familiar icon, and even a few fake positive reviews to round things out. 

The fact that TapJoy partners with such shady outfits is one thing, but scams like this should never get into Google Play. Not only does it cause a ton of disappointment in Android users, but do you think Chair and EA are remotely interested in making an official port after stuff like this? Smaller apps getting duped in schemes like this is unfortunate, but expected; how can a big developer and recognizable title like Infinity Blade II make it this far? Does Google Play need to be better curated?

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Fake Infinity Blade II Android port weasels into Google Play


"The fact that TapJoy partners with such shady outfits is one thing, but scams like this SHOULD never get into Google Play."

Fixed it for ya.

I agree... I love Android, but the Play Store is PLAGUED with fakeware, trashware, and all sorts of 'wares'. Quality Control is, some say by design, flawed.

Community feedback is a much better option than centralized control. An article on AC, a few posts on gaming sites, word of mouth, and the scammers are gone.

I agree with this in some way it really wouldn't be too hard for them to do a "recognized developer" badge of some sort for big companies and others who have shown they do good work (like the staff picks section) they have a way to do it on google plus so it wouldn't be too hard maybe its just time and money but once a dev gets that badge they really wouldn't need to look at it again unless they get lots of complaints

I think that certain developers should have a badge in the Play Store. Like next to the editors choice badge. Would make some apps more trustworthy. How to determine who gets it? Above my pay grade.

I think if Infinity Blade 2 was on Android then this stuff would be less likely to happen.

Remember all the Temple Run scams? Where are they now?

Exactly! If the real developers have no interest in a segment of the market, they leave it to the crooks.

That is strange. One would think it would get pulled quickly after a few people report it through Play.

Does google play even have one of those ?
I thought it was pretty much anyone can put anything up if you pay the original $20 to sign up for the account

Stuff like this happens on iTunes as well. Apple does the same as Google, once notified they take it off. That simple.