Samsung Tab

While we're all waiting for release dates and information about Samsung's Tab (which may not even be called the Tab), we don't have to wait for the tablet's software.  Samsung-Firmwares has a copy of the European version's ROM, and it gives us some insight to the a few of the technical details:

Hopefully, a gigantic SAMOLED screen is on board as well, but we can't tell that from the firmware. You curious hacker-types can check out the software HERE (.rar password is  [Samsung-Firmwares via]


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Factory firmware for Samsung Tab availble, even if the device isn't


So, if they stick with the name Tab, I guess we can expect it to be slimming like a certain diet soft drink? Wasn't there an advert with a tape measure around the can with the "waist" shrinking?

Just thinkin' that with all of the jokes about a certain vendor's product named similarly to a feminine hygiene product that we should get a head start.

kinda old news. I read about this days ago.

If this is tied to any carrier I will not buy. If they release it similar to the ipad where buying data is optional then yeah I'll pick it up.

a Wifi only model would be even better.

Well, word is it's actually going to be 1024x768 or thereabouts, based on some emails Samsung sent out to Android application developers asking them to implement "proper" Android 2.x resolution scaling for their apps.