Drag and drop uploading Google Play Music

Google Labs Chrome app also allows music uploading from your Chromebook

There's a new entry in the Google Labs section of Google Play Music, and enabling it brings a whole new way to upload — and listen to — your own music.

The feature — which is still experimental, thus the "Labs" label — enables two things. First off, it gives you a nice little mini-player that offers full control over your current playlist. It looks a lot like an Android app, except it runs on a laptop or desktop computer. Those that micro-manage real estate on their screen should love it.

The second thing it does is a big deal. To upload your own files into Google Play Music, you have to use a helper application. This app can be a little janky, and often times it seems to ignore bandwidth throttling settings and takes over. In general, it's not a good experience for a lot of people, and a pain when you want to upload just a few songs. This is all a thing of the past if you enable the new Labs feature, because it allows drag and drop uploading of files and folders. Desktop operating system users will love it, but the folks who are happiest are Chromebook users. Yes, it works completely inside Chrome.


Enabling it is easy enough, but it is hidden. Here's a quick walkthrough of setting it up.

  • Open the Google Play Music website inside the Chrome browser.
  • In the upper right, under your Google profile picture, is a gear icon. Click it and choose "Labs" from the list.
  • At the top of the Labs page, enable Google Play Music for Chrome.
  • Close the Labs page, and when in the main window click the new orange "Add Music" button. this will trigger the installation of an extension. This extension is the good stuff you need.

When finished, you can click the Add Music button to drag and drop songs or whole folders full of songs, and get to the mini-player by clicking the small arrow in the very bottom right of the Google Play Music window.

We don't know how experimental (read: buggy) this is just yet, but we do know it's been a long time coming.

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Experimental Google Play Music Chrome app brings drag and drop uploading and mini player


You need to upgrade something in the pipeline ('puter, wired, router, modem, internetz, move?GooGLeFibre)

I think you mean the button is in the bottom right of the window? Mine is at least. Anyway, cool feature, I'll use it for sure.

Yes! Maybe this is a step toward native client apps for the likes of Docs / Sheets / Gmail / Hangouts, etc.?

Even if it's not, it's hella cool.

When I go to add folder for this it shows my nexus 4 as an unattached location that I could add. Does this mean it would upload from my phone?

They all technically sync through Google music? Since the songs are accessible on all of them? Doubt Google would ever do the Dropbox type option where it actually downloads them on your computer as you add them on your phone etc

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To clarify, if I am listening to a song/playlist on one device, have the option to continue that where I left off on another. Much like Audible does with books.


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ok so i've enabled this and got the mini player, but am i missing something obvious here?
you still need the main browser window open for the mini player to work. if you close the tab that had play music open, the mini player stops working.

kinda defeats the purpose of the mini player if i still need the browser and tab open for it to work.

No you're not missing anything. It's a lab, so it's experimental. I'd be very surprised if the functionality isn't planned.

Yeah, this is disappointing. I guess this is why the drag and drop music uploading seems to be emphasized over the mini player. Basically, the mini player is useless until they make it a truly stand alone item.

Same here won't download on Chromebook, and on laptop as previous have said you still need the main browser open...

Also I know it's experimental but kinda defeats the object making a small mini player if you have to have two windows open. I think I'll just keep my music as 'open maximised' on Chromebook it works fine or until a proper app is released.

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It works just fine on my HP 14 Chromebook. One you enable it in the labs, it's the last option on the bottom right. The mini music player pops up.

For just playing its quite useless because you need a browser tab anyway. And i don't really see the playlist. So then just make the play music browser tab a real application shortcut is way handier.. Then you also have a 'real' app in the task bar that is pinned but a fully working one

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I hope that is the direction they are trying to go in; having the browser open, then the Google Music Player tab, then the Mini Player seems a bit over the top.

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Very nice! Google music is one of them few services I use everyday just about! Any upgrade is welcome in my book. :-D

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Anyone else not able to install the extension needed to make this work? I ticked the enable box in Labs, and clicked on the Add Music bar, clicked OK to install. I initially get a note that the process couldn't complete, then I click try again and it just goes forever with nothing happening.

Yay! Finally a mini-player. Been waiting a while for this. It appears to be missing a volume control. That would be nice. Also an option to force it to stay on top of other windows would be nice.

I've never really had any issues with uploads using the Music Manager. But I also generally only add new music to my upload folder late in the day when there is little demand on my connection.

I'm not quite sure why it isn't working correctly for me.

I'm on the latest version of Chrome, installed the extension (can see the pointless mini-player), but when I drag-and-drop files to the Google Music window in the browser I see the "Add Music" box appear in the browser. When I release, nothing happens but a yellow message bar at the top of the page that says:

"Google Play can automatically add music from this computer" [Configure] [Dismiss]

It seems to only want me to choose folders to upload from.

Ha, less than 6 months and it is already gone from the labs. Too bad, I was hoping that it would eventually add keyboard media button support.