Oops. I did it again. Back in January at CES 2012 I got double-dog dared into buying the most expensive app in BlackBerry App World. I paid $500 for a clock widget. Stupid? You bet. But somebody has to take one for the team.

I didn't start today planning on buying the most expensive app in the Google Play store, but somehow between the booze, the crowd and the tension that's exactly what happened.

I was at a local watering hole taking in the quarter final Italy - England match at EURO2012. Scoreless at halftime, I figured I needed to download a Vuvuzela app for the second half of the game so I could cheer on Italy (I'm engaged to an Italian -- my life is a lot easier when they win).

I found a lot of free and/or cheap Vuvuzela apps in the Google Play store, but I also found the Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus for $200, which is the maximum price Google allows apps to be sold for. I was shocked to see Google Play tell me it had 50+ downloads, and there was one other rating in there, so my curiosity got to me. What magic and wonders could a $200 Vuvuzela app possess?

Surprisingly enough, the answer to that question is that the app features a picture of an iPhone holding a Vuvuzela! Hilarious. The developers really should be ashamed of themselves for this one. I also found the app crashed a lot, and though it looked like there was a menu for more options, it never opened.

A complete ripoff? I should say yes... but Italy did come through with a the victory in an overtime shootout, so I'm not going to complain on this one. Hit the video above to see it how it all went down. And to the developer who just made a whack of cash off me. ... I sure hope you put it to good use.


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The one where CrackBerry Kevin buys a $200 Android app and gets a picture of an iPhone ...



No other Android owners were around to tell me about that one. Lol. Apparently I had a 15 minute window to get that refund. If only I knew. Guess I learned the hard way. :)

Well the "Refund" button next to "Open" in the play store is good indication :P

At least you have a vuvuzela for your next football outing?

Oh no Kev. lol That's Something so common that we failed to tell that information. We welcomed you here and gave you some good tips and the one main piece of information that would have been so helpful to you. But I would say that your co-workers are also to blame. They know you better then anyone else here. After that BIG purchase on Your BlackBerry we should have all knew that you would have found that app and warned you. If you could put a donate button I would give you a buck to help pay off that purchase. :) next time don't buy Apps in a bar after a few drinks lol .Sorry to see you get ripped off.

I'm sorry, Kevin. I've failed you.

I remember vividly the hilarity I experienced when I read the story and watched the video of your AppWorld purchase of the clock widget. I feel personally to blame for not reminding you of the refund policy. And although the 15 minute window is a far cry from our previous 24hr window, I myself got a refund just the other day (damn you Nvidia!).

Of course, I feel that I should inform you that the common denominator in both of these purchases happened to be alcohol. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely enjoy the spirits, but I must pass on the advice to not Drink and Buy.

Good luck with the rest of your tour!

so are you slowly becoming an android user and giving up on blackberry? btw you should show how to use nfc on blackberries.

Kevin you are the most awesome person in mobile tech! Seriously, you have excellent analytic skills and I keep hoping you'll get that RIM CEO job! Keep up the awesome work.

If this is the kind of people that use blackberry, no wonder they are doomed. JK. My wife use a BB but she doesn't know any better. Kevin, you're awesome and I hope you decide to stick around a while, write some articles, and kick that BBM habit for good! Seriously for all that money wasted you could have given away some nice devices.

You may STILL be able to get your refund. I know the window is officially 15 minutes but I've bought apps where the refund button remained several hours later (but never more than a day). Try it out.


I doubt this company intentionally listed this app for 200 bucks. Seeing as how the ad supported version is free, something tells me they meant to sell this version for $2.

the app price was listed as 196.16 - that was definitely deliberate. They couldn't have meant 1.9616 so the price must have been deliberate...

I used to be a BIG Blackberry fan back when Blackberrys where half way decent. I remember Crackberry Kevin, he is *was* a god to BB users and he trashed Android/Apple every waking moment. So I find it hilarious to find him using Android. Shows you how crappy BlackBerry has become.

Hmm...associated with BlackBerry and wasting disposable income. Yeah, that sounds like a good plan. Magic 8 Ball just called and it sees a bailout in your future.

So many trolls here its sad. Get over yourselves people owning a specific brand or product doesn't make you any better or worse than the next person. Reverting back to your childhood tendencies? Or still just children?


Haters, haters, haters... Lol people act like you stole from them. I for one feel like this is a J.G. Wentworth commercial so I'm goin to say this "It's your money use it when you need it" *cue opera singers* I've seen people pay for things way worse than an app for 200 dollars. Trust me.

Get your money back Kevin. Don't let that guy take you. I would want to choke that SOB. Where is the quality control in the play store?

Technically, I actually wrote the article... so it's not reporting on him, but reporting by him. Get it right. Lol.

Pompous attention needing slut... I like that! Now that I have your attention, please follow me on twitter and google + and and and and and... :)

Seriously though. Tech blogging should be fun. People to take this stuff too seriously sometimes so I bring some life to it. If you can't deal with that or don't enjoy it... scroll down. 

Some forum members here seem to think they can dictate what should be posted on Android Central and immediately go to the angry, name calling place when they don't like something. I thought your story was funny.

"Kevin - June 24, 2012 - HTC One X with version 1.0
Don't buy
This app is crapp. For $200 it should come with a happy ending."


Assuming it took more than 15 minutes for each of the 50 buyers to figure they had been duped, the dev of that app grossed about $10,000 USD. Not too bad. Dirty, but not too bad...

This is literally the most UN-funny "story" I've read since I have had eyes.

Not only did you fail at a backhanded attempt to trash Android with how "hilarious" the outcome was, you did it in the most embarrassing way possible.

Either your a trust fund douche, explaining your compulsive disorder and lack of integrity OR you're just a flat out moron and literally think supporting what amounts to e-crime is in some way entertaining.

Either way, I hope you develop the ability to feel shame some day - and it haunts you until you're old and gray.

PS - Enjoy Android.

I am utterly surprised at these negative responses to Kevin in general. This is not how our community treats other people.

Honestly, I spent 20 minutes thinking about that very fact before finally posting my negative response.

What does it say about our community that we would find something like this funny or entertaining? I think it says more if we stand up for what we believe in, and I for one believe in NOT encouraging blatant attempts to steal un-tech-saavy people's money. My mother could easily make the mistake since shes 70 years old with poor vision and owns a smartphone and downloads dumb bloatware unknowingly from time to time.

He can do what he want's with his money, like give it to charity or another in need, or spend it on a glorified wav file while watching a soccer game - it's his money.

But just don't post it on here in an attempt to gain attention like we're going to shower him with praise and jump up and down like a bunch of chimpanzees.

You can stand up for what you believe in without sounding like a jerk. Do you honestly expect anyone ot take you seriously while you're name calling? Grow up and learn how to talk to people.

Holy crap Batman, get a life already. Maybe the IOS bunch (Not you Miriam) are right and the Android community is a little obtuse..

I love the irony in your comment. You attempt to take the noble high road, and then try to gently bash the Android community.

Anyone with morals would think that this post is ridiculous. Did I miss something, is this all of a sudden a fiction blog? What are you saying? So now we can't take anything that's written on AC as "serious?"

So by backing the guy who gave $200 to what amounts to some e-thieves (and in turn encouraging this behavior in the future) and then calling the entire community obtuse: what exactly does that make you? I don't see anyone bringing his OS of choice into the conversation, only you.

Firstly: "a little obtuse" is hardly "bashing" the Android community.

Second: dude... take a deep breath before you bust a blood vessel or something. I don't think Kevin is trying to say that buying a $200 vuvuzela(sp?) app was the smartest thing he's done all week. We all do stupid things from time to time. And many of us choose to laugh about it, instead of get angry. There's not much he can do at this point, other than post a negative review (which, I'm assuming he's already done) and try and prevent other people from purchasing the app.

Laughing about it on here isn't "endorsing" the guy ripping people off with that app. It's tantamount to your buddy tripping and falling on his face in front of everyone, and then standing up and making a victory pose. Many times in life, we're faced with a choice in how we deal with things. Kevin's not being angry about it, so just try and calm down, man. The story's good for a chuckle, just like watching your buddy face plant and take it well :)

We've all gotta laugh at ourselves once in a while. Kevin's laughing about it, and we're laughing along with him. And, when we're all done with our laugh, we can still do something about the app dev. It's ok.

A very large part of what his world tour is supposed to do is to not only learn about other operating systems, but to also report on how he found those operating systems to compare to what he is used to. For all purposes he is completely a newb when it comes to android, so an experience like this could be noteworthy, especially since apps (and the purchasing of apps) are a very large part of any mobile operating system today.
When I read his story I did not take away that he was condoning such acts by developers, but shunning it. As its not something he can do a whole lot about as of the time of his writing (past the return policy) it only makes sense that he tells the story in the maner he did.

Milk195 says
"I don't see anyone bringing his OS of choice into the conversation, only you."

Jeeze, quit being so obtuse ;-)
Btw- My-as well as my family's choice- is android...

Wow! not the sharpest knife in the drawer here. And to not know about the 15 min refund window.....You sir win a Darwin award! lol ;)
But then again, where would we be without the guinea pigs of the world. :)
Thanks for the early morning laugh.....that was great!

Again, you can believe what you want, but my guess is the company selling this app meant to sell it for $2.00, not $200. The free version exists, with ads. Nome of their other apps are outrageously priced.

HAHA. Kevin is awesome.

I'm in the process of writing a app called "I double dare Kevin Michaluk to buy this app" ... subtitle "The money is going to the kids". It will be on all OS's and will be the most expensive app allowed in each market. It won't really do anything, but allow Kevin to put my son through school.

Keep up the good work Kev. ;)

how could it have been a mistake since the price was 196.16 - that sounds deliberate to me. lol if it was supposed to be 2 bux it would be 200.00 or something similar. Nobody would ask 1.9616 for an app either so this was deliberate lol

Dunno.. Maybe they meant to put it in as 1.9616 and someone screwed up.. I e-mailed the company and am waiting for their explanation.

It's incredible reading some comments here. It's one thing not to find Kevin's posts funny and another thing to personally insult him for such a post. That is just a inexcusable behavior

Wow, Kevin will need some armor if he's going to spend a month on the imore blogs. He'll be crucified. Anyhow, I love Android, but for my daily workhorse, nothing can beat my 9930. My tablet is a Galaxy, wife's phone is a Galaxy Nexus. We each have what works best for us. That's the beauty of having several major mobile OS platforms.