Epson is adding native printing support through Android KitKat 4.4. That means you can print off documents and pictures on over 60 Epson printers without needing some app in between. Functions will include finding available printers, picking paper size, printing specific pages in a document, and lots more.

Even if paper and ink aren't quite as popular as they used to be, there's still a time and place for it, and strides like this make sure that workplaces that need to do a lot of printing can still stay smart about it. For more information on Epson's wireless printing features, hit up their landing page. How often do you print? Do you often get something on your phone that you need to print right away (rather than, say, from your computer?)

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Epson announces native KitKat support for Android printing


Been printing to my Epson for a while with Google Cloud Print...not sure what the difference is here yet, but native seamless support is always welcome.

Haven't had much need to print that way but I installed it anyway for when ever I do. Tried that and cloud print and it seemed the same at least from gmail but maybe it does a better job on complex documents. Have both options now so I'm prepared.

I rarely need to print from my phone, but I did it once recently (via Google Cloud Print to my own Epson printer) just because it was more fun. And if this will let me print from my phone to say a friend's printer, without having to do any set up, that would be cool and (on rare occasions) useful.

I'm always printing this way. I keep a Epson printer in my van for invoices and signoffs.

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