It will have a display. And perhaps some buttons. See you from London on May 3!

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DroidDoodle: Everything we know about Samsung's May 3 event



Yeah because an article from CNET said so? The writers from that site are a joke. All of this is just rumors to stir the pot. Don't be so gullible.

Ok, my guess is the phone will have 1GB ram, 720p hd+ display, quad core exynos processor and all the bells and whistles every other phone has right now. I doubt it will havea kickstand though.

Whether or not you consider these specs I listed to be a major or minor upgrade is up to you. For the crowd who think any phone this year will have 2GB ram or a 1080p display this update will be minor for all the other people it will be major.

There really isn't a very large list of how it could be major vs minor. People are looking at CPU, ram and resolution to decide how big of an update this is going to be. And realistically 720p super amoled hd+, 1GB ram and their quad core exynos processor is going to be it. Anything more is overkill and they will make more sales saving those updates for the future. Anything less and you would have the Galaxy Nexus.

To add to your post, there is no point in making a 1080P display on a 4.5ish screen. The pixel density is already greater than we can see with a 720P.

It would be an absolute waste of money to research and develop such a display. Samsung is making the right choice to find ways for their displays to consume less battery life with their 720P Super AMOLED Plus HD display that will be coming out.

Yes it is an absolute waste of money, and that's why you'll see Apple want it in their device next year and call it "the new retina display for iphone".

I don't think so, they already advertised fact that you can'r differ single pixels on retina display, so they know that they won't fool people.

Exactly, Chris from theverge.com was just talking about that in today's podcast. Once we hit 1080p on a 4+-5.9 inch screen there will be no point, no ones eyes will be able to tell the difference.

I'm kinda hoping that Touch Wiz has a revamp, these OEMs need to focus on their crappy software.

It will also have a processor, some memory, a speaker, a camera and a battery. Also it will run Bada OS........oh I mean Android.

I think Android Central should do a contest. Have us guess the specs and name of the device Samsung will unveil. Closest one to predicting it gets one. And if multiple people nail it, pull a winner from a drawing of the entries.

What do you think?

I've bounced back and forth between Moto and HTC for the last couple of years. Am I missing something about the Samsungs?? I don't understand the draw.