V-Cast manager

Last week Verizon pushed the Froyo DL09 update to innocent Samsung Fascinates all across the U.S. The good news is DL09 fixed a major bug related to standalone GPS lock times.

The bad news is DL09 also introduced a major headache for users who want to mount the Fascinate's SD card as a mass storage device.

This feature is standard on all Android phones and is used to transfer files back and forth between a computer and SD card. Media sync programs, such as iSyncr and Handbrake, also require SD card mounting in order to synchronize files. For Mac users, SD card mounting no longer works with the DL09 update, nor is there a workaround.

PC users are expected to download and install the 113MB V CAST Media Manager application, install specific drivers via a program called ToolLauncher-Bootstap.exe, and follow several other dizzying steps before the SD card mounting feature will work again. These important details weren't listed on Verizon's support site as part of the update, nor do they provide instructions on how to get all of this working. We basically had to stumble and guess our way through it before we finally figured it out.

The average consumer would probably give up in frustration (I know I almost did). Even more bizarre is the fact that the Fascinate shows up as Galaxy S tablet in the V CAST Media Manager application.

PC users can get step-by-step instructions in post #60 of this thread.

Mac users (that's me!) keep an eye on this thread.


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DL09 update for the Samsung Fascinate brings a mounting headache for many


With any of several file manager apps you can sync and transfer files over wifi.

I have not connected my phone to my computer for 9 months since I got Astro.

So there is a work around till they get this fixed.

VZW screwed the poochon this one. Im very very glad I did not get this device. My next one will probably be the i*phone. Not because Im tired of android, but because I wont have LTE in my area till 2012. Im willing to do a 1 year contract and see how Apple does for me. However when I get LTE I will ba back.

The sole reason not to buy a samsung product or any product on verizon....er.....I mean the combination of them both....

for cryin out loud, this is nothing short of gross negligence on Verizon's part. they need to be held accountable for this foch up. good gawd.

I don't seem to have this problem and I'm on a Mac... of course i've rooted my phone, installed the DL09 package via ODIN and am running Blackhole 3.0.

It seems it only effects those who installed the update via Verizon.

This is nothing with Samsung becaus this is only happen with Verizon galaxy S. What the hell is V cast manager ??? I hate Itunes that's why I use android, Verizon trying to make like a Itunes. IDIOT !!!

Seriously, do they not test thier own updates on thier own phones before pushing it out OTA? If they did, they might have noticed this glitch saving customers a heck of a lot of trouble. But they don't care though...they have you locked into thier inner-circle and expect you take abuse handed down to you. I can't wait to see how they screw up the iphone...er...wait...apple won't let em make any customizations, except for v-cast but that's a laughing matter all in itself!

So, you can't see this as a Verizon problem? This was tested, and overly tested by Verizon, which caused the delay. Verizon is cognizant of this and unless there is enough outrage, it will stay.

This should prove to everyone that verizon is the cause of the fascinates non froyo updates. I have said all along that they are in bed with motorola. I refuse to buy a phone with motoblur bulls***. It will be HTC from now on for me. If it wasn't for verizons coverage I would have changed to sprint along time ago. I still may!

Not mine.

I've had like two dropped calls in the 9 months since I switched to android from iPhone on AT&T.

Wow this is rediculous. I too do not connect to a pc so I wont feel the pain on this one but what horrible service from a company you cannot walk away from without paying them anyway. Get the high hard one either way. Lol

While I agree for two reasons, the main one to send a message to OEMs and carriers alike, I will just warn you if you are on Verizon and want to stay there that you shouldn't hold your breathe for that.

Hey how were you able to root your phone after this update? Im having a hard time. Let me know please.

Rooted and debloated, but otherwise stock here: haven't had any problems mounting. The only problems I had with the DL09 update were re-rooting my phone, which was a half-hour headache. All is good though now, and I am very happy with the GPS performance. Onward to Froyo!

Not saying that I probably want this update now but its pretty strange that it hadn't pushed to my phone yet. Wth?

I had zero issues this morning after updating last night. I was able to transfer files from the phone to computer and from computer to phone without any outside program. The SD card mounted perfectly.

couldn't you use dropbox to sync the files then move them around with astro? this would probably be less of a headache but probably would be hard to use with a lot of files

>"PC users can get step-by-step instructions in post #60 of this thread. Mac users (that's me!) keep an eye on this thread."

And Linux users?

Hmmm. I don't quite get what all of this is about. My stock Fascinate, with DL09 from a couple days ago via OTA, mounts just fine.

Running Win 7 with the generic USB drivers installed from Samsung. USB debugging must be checked, then plug in USB cable, and use the pull-down to mount as drive. The phone's SD card shows up as removable storage in windows explorer under Computer. No third-party app on the PC is needed.

So what am I doing that others are not, or vise-versa?

Yeah, I'm not having problems mounting my SD card to my Win 7 computer. I haven't tried it on my MacBook yet, but I haven't installed the drivers or any of that stuff on it yet. I updated, using the generic USB drivers from Samsung and it mounts just fine. Re-rooted the phone and it's been working like a champ. There's no freakin' way I am downloading that crappy V-Cast media manager...

I am seeing the same thing on my Win7 laptop. Mounting is working fine without the need to download the Verizon software.

I started to have the same issues described but then I thought about switching the drivers from 64 bit to 32 bit and it worked no more trouble mounting the SD card.

I'm on a Mac and I don't usually mount, I just use SwiFTP to wirelessly transfer files and that still works fine. But after seeing this post I tested out mounting and it worked just fine on my unrooted Fascinate.

More evidence that Google MUST set some standards that hardware vendors & the carriers have to follow when it comes to hardware updates. In the meantime root your device & go with custom ROMS. You will enjoy your phone more.

I had same problem after DL09 download... Called Verizon and they said they were not aware of problem... They got Samsung tech on the line and we were able to resolve... Fix for me was to go into Settings, USB settings, then unckeck mass storage and recheck. Turn off phone and back on... Now when I plug in USB cable I see the old prompt to mount, etc... I am now able to mount SD card and transfer files... Hope this fix works for you... it is certainly easier then the other "work arounds" I have seen...