Game developer Bungie has released the Destiny Companion app for Android via Google Play, one day away from the start of the beta test for the long awaited sci-fi first person shooter.

The app will provide a lot of second screen information for players of the game, which is being made by the team originally responsible for the popular Halo series. The Destiny Companion's description says:

Inspect your Guardian, analyze player stats, and compare your Grimoire score. Keep in touch with your friends in the Bungie Community via forums, groups, or private messaging and track them down on the PlayStation Network or Xbox LIVE. And, receive the latest news and updates about Destiny.

The beta test for Destiny begins tomorrow for Sony PlayStation 3 and 4 owners, with Xbox 360 and Xbox One gamers joining in on July 23. The beta will end on July 26, less than two months before the full version of Destiny is released September 9.

Are you planning to participate in the Destiny beta test and if so will you also be using the Companion app?

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nldr says:

Anyone have a ps4 beta code to share with me??
Pm me plz

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Can't you preorder the game for as low as $5...???

You could, but they only had so many beta codes to give out. I don't think you can get a code in that manner anymore.

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I just did today at gamestop :)

nldr says:

Well apparently, ppl who already preordered it each get 3 beta codes.. So I figured I'd ask.. Plus I'm not even sure if I'll buy the game yet

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$5 preorder can usually be revoked and put on another game. I got my 3 codes, but you have to log into the bungie website and apply them to your account. Not sure you can share them. The 3 codes are incase you want to try the beta on different consoles.

SpenceJonas says:

Message me, if I still have some left over on Tuesday I'll be happy to throw one your way. Unless it's like Joe said also haha, then no code for you!

Also you can pre order games for free on Amazon. Just cancel then once you get the code ; )

nldr says:

Thnx for the code.. I just got one from amazon preorder/cancel tho so I'm set now..

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Mon431 says:

Did you just add the game to your cart and then they emailed you codes?

BlackAce says:

Had a crazy amount of fun during the Alpha and I'll be playing the Beta tomorrow but I'll give the app a shot.

Raylz says:

Yes the current destiny companion app was the former bungie app and yes I'm waiting for the beta on ps4 digital copy to auto download by tomorrow
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I was wondering why the play store on the web said I had it already "installed".

Gotta wait until the 23rd for the Xbox One Beta, but I am looking forward to it! Gonna see whats up in the app tonight.

unglued94ta says:

Im signed up for both the XBone and 360 beta :-)

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KidCuda says:

Xbox One, I feel betrayed by Bungie, but they were making PlayStation games before Microsoft bought them.

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TimeHunter says:

Just waiting for my download code for the beta to arrive in my inbox. Will take me away from Titanfall for the duration of the beta.

krifor03 says:

You can pre order the game FOR FREE with Amazon and you still get the beta code....just sayin

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nldr says:

Thanks, will check this out

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nldr says:

Got a code, thnx

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Connor Mason says:

I hope they make it compatible with the L preview soon. It's been mostly fine as a daily driver, but this is one of only a couple apps I have that doesn't work at all.

--inb4 this is a developer preview, things will not work. Obviously.

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Voxophone says:

I loved the Alpha, and the Beta is even better! The companion app is pretty sweet too, I'm loving it so far.