Dell Aero AT&T 

The Dell Aero has shown up on AT&T's website with a "coming soon" tagline.  While the Aero still looks less than impressive when compared to some of the other new Android phones hitting the wild, there is a bit of good news.  It's seems that once again Engadget was right, and the phone will have all the Google services we've come to expect on Android devices --  even Google search.  This is good news for those of you on AT&T who may have been worried that future handsets were all going to be crippled (or not crippled) like the poor little Backflip.

At least there's now a viable option for AT&T subscribers who want a subsidized Android phone that does the things Android phones should do.  As soon as details like price and release date surface, we'll keep you posted.  Thanks Garrett!


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Dell Aero appears on AT&T's website, with Google apps, search in tow


Well don't get too excited. There still isn't any info on whether or not the Android Market is on the device. When the device was first shown and had some brief hands on there was no market to speak of. Which lead most to believe and speculate that this would be a dumbed down Android based feature phone and not a true smartphone.

Actually, the Aero info page does say there is Android Marketplace:

Google Mobile Services supported on Aero.

Android™ market place
Google Maps™
Google Talk™
Google™ search