Dead Trigger

Madfinger Games has brought their latest highly anticipated FPS to Google Play, and Dead Trigger is now available for just $0.99. The same folks who brought us Samurai II:Vengance and Shadowgun now deliver a fast-paced FPS that's chock full of zombies and blood. It's an alternate reality apocalyptic style game placed in today's times with today's modern weapons, and your job is to survive. Sounds like a winner already, doesn't it?

It gets better. Unlike some games where zombies are just brain-dead shambles that will happily hurt you if you bump into them, Dead Trigger has programmed an aggressive AI into these particular undead and they're more than happy to hunt you down and have a healthy brain snack. Add in a story line to progress along, a shop full of weapons and power-ups, spectacular Unity-engine graphics and a catchy soundtrack and you've got a real winner on your hands. 

Dead Trigger is available for most Android devices (there looks to be some issues with Sony phones and tablets) but it really shines with a Tegra 3 powered phone or tablet. The great graphics get even better with specular effects, normal tiled maps, highly improved ragdoll physics, and lifelike water and fog. On top of that, Tegra devices have game controller support baked into the app to really bring things to the next level. 

It might have taken a couple extra days (I've been counting them down!) but it sure was worth the wait. This is my new battery waster of choice. We'll give it a thorough look and revisit, but I just had to let you guys know it was ready for your killing pleasure. Grab it from the link below, and check out the trailer after the break!

Download Dead Trigger from Google Play

More info at the TegraZone


Reader comments

Dead Trigger now on Google Play - all the zombies you can kill for just a buck


WHAT THE FUCK!! you pay for the game, and after that you have to pay for in game items?? REALLY? WHAT A PEACE OF CRAP!

Needs better controls, while trying to aim I keep reloading as my thumb always slides over the onscreen button... Mass Effect has the best controls of any FPS game on a tablet IMO...

Excellent game , and if you got to setting and turn graphics to high you get all tegra 3 features and run absoulutely smooth with smoke and water effects on gnex. Tends to crash a lot though and in app purchases a bit annoying.

Controls also support 360 controler and it's great!!

VVia otG adapter? How did you get the character to stop spinning? Any details? I got a Xoom running team eos jelly bean with otg adapter via wireless dongle to xbox360 wireless remote

In app purchases are a turn off. This is why Final Fantasy 3 is worth $16. 40 hours of game play without having to worry about in app purchases ever.

absolutely agree. It looks great on my Asus Pad tf300, but I would rather pay more money up front and not have in app purchases.