Dattch, a dating app for lesbian and bisexual women, makes its way to Android

Dattch, a popular dating app for lesbian, bisexual and bicurious women, is now available on the Google Play Store. Dattch been out on iOS for nearly a year, and single ladies can now find other single ladies from their Android device today.

Dattch claims to be the best lesbian dating app and social network for those in the United Kingdom and United States. It seems like a really good dating app and has a ton of features to make it a safe place for women.

Here's what you can look forward to with Dattch on Android:

  • Unlimited and totally free
  • Profile checks to stop straight men or fake profiles on the app.
  • Pinterest style profiles that are easy to build and great to see who someone really is
  • Push notifications so you always know when a great lesbian or bi girl has messaged you
  • Blog with daily posts about women, LGBT topics and a lot of fun content
  • Matching game Would You Rather the fastest way to get talking with new women
  • Send picture messages
  • See who has viewed your profile
  • The greatest network of lesbian and bisexual women so you can get chatting and meeting up with other great ladies, as and when you want

Facebook authentication is used to verify the gender of profiles in order to help make sure men don't join Dattch. The app and service has been built by women, for women. The minds behind Dattch want it to be a safe and fun place to connect with other women. In addition to launching on Android today, Dattch is also now available for those in New York.

The app and service is totally free and available today from the Google Play Store.

Source: Dattch Via: The Next Web


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Dattch, a dating app for lesbian and bisexual women, makes its way to Android


It does say for bisexual women as well... So, while they aren't necessarily fishing for men here, some do swing back... I am married now, so this isn't for me anyways. but to all those enjoying Bi women, have a blast...

Surprised this wasn't reserved for "after dark", you know, the android equivalent of the water shed. Que all the moms that are chapped about this and how their kids read AC, etc.
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Also I'm glad the gay/bi girls finally have an app. Us (gay) guys have had Grindr and a few others for awhile now. It's nice to see the girls/women getting in on the "action" as well.

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"Grindr" ? wow, that's amazingly stereotypically named.
Being a committed and reasonable gay guy seems to be frowned upon in the community for some reason..

Don't be self righteous. How does me stating that I'm glad the (gay/bi) women finally have an app, attack you for being "a committed and reasonable gay man"? Or, somehow implying that I am not, simply for the fact that I may or may not use an app. You know absolutely nothing about me.

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What is with all the people here taking offense and making everything personal. -.- reading comprehension dude.

I was strictly commenting on that unfortunately named app you referenced: "Grindr". Nothing more. I never claimed I felt attacked, that I was homosexual, or that you may use it in any particular way. All that was created in your own head.

You're absolutely right. I made an emotional response. For that I apologize. However, I stand by what I said about you sounding self righteous. I guess I was assuming that by commenting on Grindr, an app aimed solely at gay guys/men, you were as well. If not, why cast judgment on it based solely on the name, especially having never used it?
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Why shouldn't it be? Likewise, if we're talking about something "straight-related," it's referring to a sexual orientation and should therefore be labeled adult content.

Ha! It is 2014 right? I'm glad it wasn't in after dark. Keeps parents on their toes to teach kids the reality of life, instead of ignoring any subject.

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A bunch of animals enjoy same sex relationships, doesn't get much more natural than two male dolphins going at it.
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Dolphins also bite the heads off of fish and rape their dead bodies down the neck to get off... so yeah, animals are a great standard for morality and behavior right?

Have you considered that appealing to some made-up, arbitrary definition of what's natural as a standard of morality is what's actually stupid? You should be embarrassed by what you just said for all sorts of reasons.

You should be embarrassed for thinking that everyone should subscribe to your way of thinking. Fuck off.

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No one said you should subscribe to his train of thought. He is not forcing it on you. But you need to realize that people will live their lives and it is certainly not you place to say who can do whatever

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I was actually stating the opposite, genius. Just because something's "natural" doesn't make it right. So now who should be embarrassed...?

Are there not deviants in any society? I remember an article in the news not so long ago about a guy raping a dead dog in front of a daycare(they saw it and called the cops).

The exception is not the rule, but enough exceptions make one.

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No... I wrote a thing about her and the little Mermaid but that isn't what I am talking about.

On the Disney Channel one of the shows had a lesbian character.. Someone ended up quitting over it.. Show shut down but Disney approved the storyline

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You guys need to chill with the censorship and the PC garbage.

Saying that some of these ladies are sexually confused is not insulting, it is a fact.
And we all know it.
I have dated women who are members of sites like this one,

I might as well go back to live in Cuba, where folks cannot speak their minds.

Fact? I'd love to see some non-biased studies proving so.

Cuba? Might as well head somewhere further, like a deserted island, not a populated one like Cuba. A derogatory attitude like yours belongs isolated, or in 1945.

Let's be honest, it's 2014. There is no Black and White / Gay and Straight. Everyone just falls somewhere on a spectrum. You don't know them, you judge them from your perspective. Grow up, fella

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Let me guess, you're gay.

As I said, I speak from personal experience.
I never said all, did I? Many women at that age are still exploring and experimenting with their sexual behavior. And don't really know what they want yet.
There is nothing wrong with that, it is very normal actually.
Because if they were real lesbians, they would be busy getting on with other women and not waste their time on some website flirting.

At what age do you cross from confused to bisexual/straight/gay? Didn't realize there was a time limit.

My wife of 15 years, whom is 40ish would be interested in finding out she could still be confused.

Nevermind, I don't want her to know she might cut off all the fun we have been having.

You need to realize this has been going on since the stone ages. It is just now being talked about and attitudes like yours are done, DONE, being tolerated and acceptable

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Then feel free not to post it on your website.

Also, feel free to skip past articles that you have no interest in, or feel free to read them and post a comment telling us your displeasure. Believe it or not, we read them and try to listen to what our readers want.

Finally, because you may or may not approve of something does not mean it doesn't exist. Rand Paul exists. The Westboro Baptist Church exists. The Taliban exists. President Obama exists.

Nobody likes all of these things, yet there they are. Not talking about something doesn't make it go away. This was intended to be a simple news post letting people know a popular application has made it's way to Android. The author didn't editorialize, nor did they try and sway any hearts or minds. Sometimes, it's going to be like that.

It's nothing personal, and no malice was intended towards any individual or group.

/OT — I'm actually disappoint that nobody has asked about the phone in the picture that they haven't seen before ...


Sorry Jerry I assumed that it is a variant of the One.. In retrospect the speaker grill might be a bit short but I would say HTC?

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I was responding to the person above me claiming everyone was somewhere between gay and straight, not the article itself. While I agree with others that a dating app shouldn't be in the main section, it's totally within android central's market being an app moving to android and all..

If you really hold some position of power at this website (ac), I'd like to request the comments show a @___ in the beginning or end of them automatically.. even with the indentations it's confusing sometimes. As evidenced by our current conversation ;)

And on the phone question.. looks to me like a HTC One m7, maybe with a case of some kind? Or maybe it's the One prime or a new mini? But most certainly screams HTC imo.

Man I did wonder about the phone....I figured we had seen it at some point. Is it the Verizon only remix (?) Or the desire?

I usually am drinking while posting here.....sorry

I only wanted to change the subject :P

Desire 610. HTC's entry level phone. I'll be reviewing it, but it's not bad at all. Moto G fast, with most everything the HTC One offers.

And it's not slippery as hell.

Why is this shit being written about? I don't remember articles about heterosexual apps being released. Get the fuck outta here with this nonsense.

What if ad I guy I want to meet bi woman or befriend lesbian woman am I banned from doing that????

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I wouldn't want to invite a man only interestis in woman . That beautifulwoman catches my big beautiful eyes i have a heart of gold whats mine is yours no drama type of person.