Samsung Vibrant CM7

Yes, you read that right -- The Samsung Vibrant now has its very own CyanogenMod 7 (official) test release.  It's clearly labeled as a TEST RELEASE, so don't expect miracles just yet, but finding and fighting bugs is half the fun of fooling with custom ROMs for many of us anyway.  You can find all the details and download information at the source link.

Let's be serious here for a minute.  You're probably never going to see an official Gingerbread build for the Vibrant from Samsung.  Yes, I think I was wrong.  That hardly ever happens.  CyanogenMod 7 looks to be the best, and logical choice for the Vibrant at this time, and it's something to at least keep an eye on.  If you do decide to take the plunge, you'll find help and support in the Vibrant forums here at Android Central.  [CyanogenMod forum] Thanks everyone who sent this in!


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CyanogenMod 7 test release for the Samsung Vibrant


This is not an official CM7 release, it's still by teamhacksung. Official builds will be stickied in threads and labeled "OFFICIAL".

Probably should read a little more carefully.

'Shopped photo appears to be photoshopped. That's the CM6 boot animation. /nitpick

Cool to see CM on yet another device though.

Do you guys even bother checking your facts? This is NOT, i repeat NOT an "Official" CM release. While i do not want to take away from the hard work that the CMSGSteam/teamhacksung guys have put into this, it is very important to clarify that ANY/ALL GalaxyS builds of CM are still not "Officialy" supported by the "Official" CM Team.
Remember - This is indeed very exciting and truely a great step in the right direction, but facts are facts, and the fact is, there are still some very important obstacles to overcome before SGS support can be merged to Mainline CM.