Cut the Rope 2

The Freemium model raises its ugly head once again

Nom nom nom! ZeptoLab's Cut the Rope 2 has made it's way into Google Play. Just like the original, your goal is to feed delicious candy to Om Nom, and collect as many stars along the way as you can. It's hours of fun, and absolutely free to play — sort of.

The gameplay is fun, the puzzles get puzzling sometimes, and it's all a whole lot of fun. Unfortunately, it's fun interrupted by full screen intrusive interstitial ads. On top of that, the in-app purchase model is out in full force and it won't be long before you're prompted to start buying. The original, and the Time-Travel and Experiments sequels both offered paid, full versions for 99-cents, and we hope ZeptoLabs follow suit with this version.

The game mechanics are great, it ties into both Facebook and Google Play Games, and has the potential to be as much of a hit as the previous versions. you'll find the trailer and a handful of screenshots below.


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Cut the Rope 2 hits Google Play


The game is fun HOWEVER, I'm not a fan of the ads etc. I'd happily pay to remove these. My 5 year old would appreciate it too ;-)

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Is it really laggy in the 5c? That it runs smoothly in the Moto X is not that surprising, my Moto G runs it like a champ. Now I just have to wait for a Windows Phone version... and Time Travel and Pudding Monsters =(

I'm pretty sure that was a sarcastic response. I would have a hard time believing a game like this lags on any currently supported iPhones.

Game itself is awesome... The waiting for energy part not so much. Om Nom is a monster that eats tons of sugar he shouldn't need energy!!! I'd rather pay for an ad free and all the energy I want version.

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If you want more energy just set your device's clock forward a bit until the energy is full, then you can set it back to the correct time after that. The ads are really annoying though, they put me off playing.

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It's soooo cute...

But I hate freeium games. Hopefully, they'll be a ad free version.

Smooth as silk on my G2.

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I wish these freemium games would just go away already. Any game I install I first check to make sure there are no permissions for in app purchases.

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I hate the app models like this! The game is fun but the IAPs and ads kill it.

Rate this game a big fat 1 star.
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If you're a rooted user download the adfree apk. It kills ads in every app including those terribly annoying pop-up ones

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Well, it's a Sunday, so yes. But the sequel to one of the most popular mobile games of all time is pretty big news regardless of the day.

The most annoying thing is the Freemium pay to win model. I'd really pay like 3 or 4 bucks for a full version of the game, but those ingame purchases are ruining every game...

I was going to say the exact same thing. I've played through and completed all three of the other Cut the Rope games, and I've definitely gotten enough enjoyment out of each of them that I'd pay four or five bucks for a new one. I'm not going to make any in-app purchases, though. I just don't like the model.

Agree bro, it looks like it has become a new gaming tradition. Good were those old days when games were actually either paid or free.

I guess the days of paying to get rid of ads are slowly going.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

Don't mind in-app purchases in games. But I'd like the in-app purchases only to exist for optional purchases like in game currency or exclusive accessories; and not be the bottleneck for game progress. And I absolutely detest the energy model. Whoever invented this model of gaming needs to be figuratively shot. Disney learned that the hard way with WMW? 2