Best Twitter App for Android?

The Mobile Nations World Tour is in full force and my crash course month on Android continues. One thing I've quickly come to realize is that Android = Options. In some cases, too many options. There's just not enough time in the day to try *everything* out.

I have put a lot of time in to using every Android keyboard I can get a hold of to figure out which one is best for a traditional two-thumb BlackBerry typist like myself (more on that later), but when it comes to Twitter apps, I'm going to take the shortcut and ask for Android Central's advice. The other week I posed the question what accessories I should buy for my Android phone? and I got an awesome response from the community. I'm sure the same will be true in regards to apps for the twitter.

I've installed a couple of Android twitter clients so far -- I've noticed each has some pros and cons -- but there are a ton of options in the Google Play Store. So I want to know... what's your favorite twitter app? Post your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to say why it's your favorite. You'll be helping not only me here, but other Android users too. Sound off!

Oh, and if you want to see which twitter app I end up going with, be sure to follow me on twitter at @crackberrykevin. Hmm.. maybe for this month I should change my handle to @candroidkevin. That sort of has a nice ring to it.


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CrackBerry Kevin World Tour: What's the best Twitter app?


The thing I noticed with twitter apps on android is that it's one of the most debated topics, mainly because of user preference. Some people like Seesmic, others Tweetcaster or Tweetdeck. My personal preference is Plume. It does everything I want to in an app and it does it well. Another good one is twicca. It's light, simple and extremely easy to use.

Started out using Tweet Caster, however switched to Plume which seems more polished. Still waiting on Carbon to drop.

I preferred Tweetdeck but after getting a tablet I started looking for a solution to keeping my place in sync between devices and found it in Plume with Tweetmarker. Plume is now my go to Twitter app and has been for several months now.

I like Plume. Both the widget and the app give a great experience. The widget is pretty fully featured, which limits the amount of times you need to launch the app.

I use tweet caster. I find it easy to manage lists and see what I want to see. But if I just want a quick glance at twitter without really talking to anyone I use the friend stream widget on my Evo. Quick posts to Facebook and twitter and it's right on your home screen.

I dunno. Maybe because I'm not a "hardcore" tweeter, but for myself the stock twitter app or Tweetcaster work just fine for me.

Try tweekdeck. Tweetdeck stopped putting out updates after Twitter bought them. Tweekdeck has instagram and pinecrest image compatibility and it does twitlonger.

Agreed! If you like the format of Tweetdeck, you should definitely be using Tweakdeck. It has the same layout but the added functionality of image views that don't work in Tweetdeck (e.g., Lockerz).

I prefer TweetCaster Pro. The UI is simple and elegant. I like the customization options.

Its snappy, unlike the Official Twitter app.
It handles lists well, if you use them.
The "My Stats" menu is pretty cool.
Quick Follow works great.
Filtering options do what they're supposed to..

Its full featured, and the learning curve is easy. I was a webOS user, and liked "Bad Kitty" a ton. TweetCaster feels and works a lot like it.

The official app. It's come a long way and got really fast with updates in last few months. I'm not a hard core user though.

I've settled on Plume after trying many, and the only negative - in my mind - is the lack of even some basic list management. I keep trying Boid, but the lack of remembering my place in the TL is a deal breaker. I know it'll eventually get there, so at the moment Plume is my go to. Plume on the tablet is also very handy with the handling of multiple open columns / lists.

I am one of those weirdos that prefers to use the stock apps whenever possible. I have used most of the clients listed above and none of them offered anything that I felt like I was missing. Tweetdeck is great for the desktop, but I did not like it on mobile. I think the Twitter produced client works just fine, and I always felt like the notifications worked better than other apps.

When I had a Blackberry I used what is now Ubersocial for a long time, but the last several months prior to ditching my BB I used the Twitter produced client as well.

I hope you're buddies with Lee if you're giving away issimo like candy. I paid $50 back in the BlackBerry days for the VIP membership on his site that included private beta issimo.

It won't matter if you do find the .apk because he (Britishturbo) activates you on his server. Without his activation, the app is useless.

Has there been any update on SocialScope for BlackBerry? I loved their BlackBerry app, and saw that released a limited Android alpha version a few months back. I wasn't lucky enough to get my hands on the alpha, but I was really hoping they would be releasing something, especially since Tweetdeck, my client of choice, hasn't been updated since what feels like since the dinosaurs roamed the Earth (or since they were bought by Twitter, whatever). I personally like the ability to view Twitter and FB in a single timeline, as well as post to both simultaneously -- unfortunately, FB apparently changed something in their API, so my FB notifications and comments no longer appear in Tweetdeck since it hasn't been updated. As far as I know, Tweetdeck *was* the only Twitter client that do both services in the same feed and allow posting.

The Ultimate app for me, naturally, would be one that could truly integrate Twitter, FB and G+ feeds into one. I, personally, would love to just switch to Google+ and leave everything else behind...but convincing your friends to do that is the hard part.

I too loved SocialScope back in my CrackBerry days, it´s one of those things I´ll always miss from BlackBerry (BBM too!). If you want to try AlphaScope you can use the same username on SocialScope for Android (AKA AlphaScope). But let me tell you that the BlackBerry version is light years ahead of AlphaScope.

I really hope they are reading this and working on the Android version...

The real question is, are you going to go back to Blackberries after you see all the other great options out there?

Maybe candroidkevin will become your new main twitter name!

Another vote here for Plume. I first tried Plume after getting tired of waiting for Twitter to make a proper Android tablet version, and I haven't gone back to the official client.

I prefer Hootsuite/Hootdroid. Of course I manage multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook pages with it. Hootsuite has everything I need, including great notifications on streams and the fact that the "desktop" app is web-based so there's nothing to install on my laptop.

I'm a beta tester for Hootsuite push notifications on Twitter...super cool and I can't wait until it's rolled out more widely.

I used TweetDeck until the Alpha client of SocialScope (AlphaScope) came out. I was a die hard SocialScope user on the Blackberry Storm back in the day and was happy to hear that my existing SocialScope account gave me access to the Android test app. I am not a hardcore social network user, so I like the fact that AlphaScope gives me access to Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare,Tumblr and Instagram in one easy to use app.

I've tried some others but for me the plain old Twitter for Android has been the one I keep going back to. I don't have issues with it at all. It allows me to manage my 3 different accounts very easily and I get the push notifications if I need it as well. I really don't have a problem with it and enjoy using it on my Galaxy Nexus. Maybe it has issues on older hardware. I've used a couple others like Plume, Tweetcaster, etc. I just recently tried out Boid and it looks promising as well.

I use tweetcaster,I have tried other twitter apps and tweetcaster seems to be the most complete for me. It has a lot if options. And pretty much allows you to do everything you can from the desktop twitter page.

I use Twicca, because it's light, free, no adds, can customize colors of my tweets or people I want to keep track of. Also It is very simple to you use, with autocomplete for friends, edit profile, and post video/pics very easily.

Kevin, I'm a fellow BB guy playing with an android until BB10 drops. I know you have a socialscope id. Hint, you can use it to get AlphaScope as well. I don't think I need to tell you why I like it, because I know you've used it on BB. It's still an Alpha so it does have the occasional glitch, but glitches and all I still love it more then anything else available.

If it needs to be something available to all in the play store...then second best imo is Ubersocial. (Both of these though are likely influenced by my BB roots though)

Another vote for Plume because of its reliability and the fact that I believe it is the only Twitter app that lets you view replies to other posts, or at least the first few.

For myself, I've found that Plume is the app I always come back to. I'm excited to try Carbon when it's finally released (I have it on my Windows Phone) but for Android the current king (for me) is carbon. Tweetdeck was great, until twitter bought it and the updates sucked. Seesmic hasn't been updated in what feels like forever. Boid is Holo-themed, but overall it's not beating Plume for me. I've used Alphascope, Seesmic, Boid, the official app, Tweetdeck, Tweakdeck, twicca, and tweetcaster... and I keep coming back to Plume.

Alphascope. I loved using Socialscope on BB and was so glad to see it come to Android. This part is not Twitter related but I know you mentioned that you may check out the Galaxy S3. I hope you do and let us know your thoughts. I always looked forward to and enjoyed your reviews of the new BBs.

I've been in iOS for the last 6 months for work, but before i left my fav was Tweettopics Pro. It's one guy based out of Spain, I'm assuming he's still doing it. Tons of customization and he responds pretty quickly to bugs and/or upgrades I was interested in.

I've tried almost every twitter client I can find. I always end up going back to Tweetcaster Pro. I've found it has the best layout, best features and gives the best all around experience.

I recommend Tweekdeck. After switching over from Blackberry to Android in Jan I went and tried a tonne of twitter apps. This is by far my favourite!

Plume.... does everything every other Twitter app does, PLUS it has colour highlighting..... love that I can highlight certain friends with different colours.

Twicca...I have had an android phone for 2 years and I keep going back to twicca for some reason. It has so many editing options. Also with reply all and autocomplete for friends names, I can't go without that

I used to love Plume and it's great for everything except lists, then I switched to Tweetdeck, which is almost amazing. It just force closes and doesn't work about 10% of the time. But the lists and bar widget make it worth it.

I use the official Android Twitter app. The App has had allot of updates, it is very fast, no lag at all. I have tried them all but keep coming back to the official Twitter app.

I've used many of the options and I think Plume just nailed it pretty well. Not much I'd change about it (except I'd want a simplified design/UI - just a bit "busy" imo).

However, I was a huge fan of TweetDeck for it's design and it's Facebook integration. When its development was ended (by Twitter) I switched to TweakDeck and now TweetDark (which is a "blacked out" version of TweakDeck which is being maintained/updated).
For me it's the easiest to read and having FB feed items integrated into the same feed is most welcome as I'm not a huge fan of FB, don't care too much about it, BUT I still like to keep tabs of the doings of my friends.

Is there a recommended app that combines twitter and Facebook into one stream and posts to both at the same time?

Tweakdeck by far the can post to Twitter and FB at the same time and read your feed clearly..twitter posts come in grey and FB in light purple for your feed..

I'm still using tweetcaster. Although I also have tweetdeck on my phone I haven't used it in a while. But I would definitely give those two a try and see how you like them.

Such a debated topic. I use Tweetcaster for composing quick tweets and posting to facebook and my company's page when I need to. I keep the stock twitter app on my phone, though, for the push notifications. Tweetcaster is supposed to be push but they don't seem to come as quickly for me.

I use Tweetcaster Pro. I love the interface and customizations available. Lists are a big help when I only want a subset of people I follow (e.g. my tech list has just the tech sites that I follow). I've used Tweetdeck, Stock, and a couple others, but Tweetcaster Pro is worth the money. It is hands down better than Tweetdeck.

"Is there a recommended app that combines twitter and Facebook into one stream and posts to both at the same time?"

I'm not on Facebook, but you can configure Google+ to post directly to Twitter. I have that set up and use it all the time.

Twicca is my favorite, and is greatly under appreciated. However, it only supports one account, and I'm sure you have more than one you need to deal with. I've never tried tweetcaster, but I love friend caster!

Twicca is the way to go. It does handle more than one account now. The layout is great along with the color scheme. Tons and tons of options along with a boatload of plugins to choose from. Its sorely underated. Blows Plume and any other app out of the water. :::: Also forgot about the Color label settings::: Plus when trying to find certain tweets in a huge time line.

Hello Kevin,

Official Twitter client does the job fairly for me.
Notifications, tweeting and reading tweets are not bad at all.

The HTC Sense 4.0/ Twitter for HTC Sense/ Friend Stream is the best Twitter client out there.
It has the best widget,which enables you to read tweets without opening the Twitter client.
Deep integration with you contacts is also a plus for the Twitter for HTC Sense.

You can even use HTC Friend Stream widget, click the tweet you want to interact with, and reply or retweet or favorite or share via other app.

Twitter clients, in my opinion, is made for non-HTCians, who want more looks than functionality.
I have tried almost all clients, and none of them has added any plus beyond the abilities of both the official Twitter App and the HTC Sense Friend Stream.

Bottom Line,
Don't use any other Twitter App.

Welcome aboard dear Androidian,
Good luck in choosing Kevin,

I use, have used, and most likely will always use the Official Twitter client. It may not be as fast as some of the other clients, however it has something that I use that the others don't have. Push Notifications. As far as I know it is the only client to support these, and it does everything else pretty well also. Supports multiple accounts, mentions, DMs. It does all I need, and does it well.

Without question, it is Plume. Tried Boid and it wasn't polished enough for me. Plume has all that I want in a twitter client. Hopefully, we will revisit this question again if Android gets Tweetbot.

I agree with others on Plume, it's my default now on my Galaxy Nexus and EVO 4G LTE. I especially like how it integrates with Android Pro Widgets Timeline, which gives me my Twitter and Facebook feeds on one of my home screens.

Plume was my go to app for years, but I've switched to Twicca. The interface is nicer, cleaner, smoother,better with font sizes, and it can handle list management.

The actual Twitter app.... I do not get why everyone runs out & gets all these different Twitter apps when Twitter makes their own which is great...

Great feedback and input from everybody...  going to start off with giving Plume Premium a try, and will do some experimenting from there.

Thanks again!  Candroid Kevin.... Out!

Well, thanks to all the comments I've decided to try out Plume as well. So far so good. Not sure if I like it any better (or worse) then stock, but I'll run with it for a while anyway....