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6 years ago

Skyfire 3.0 released -- social networking browser for Android


Skyfire 3.0

Skyfire has announced the latest version of its cross-platform web browser -- Skyfire 3.0, complete with a new SkyBar designed for social networking.  You have programs like RockMelt browser and popular plugins and toolbars on your desktop computer, but Skyfire has brought the idea to Android with a "cloud powered toolbar that allows users to watch video, view related content, and easily share content with friends."

Catch the full presser after the break.

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6 years ago

AppBrain v5 now available for download


Big things happening for AppBrain today -- they've just released v5 of their Android app for users to download. The release, while improved, does have a few caveats with it though as noted on the AppBrain blog:

We're sorry to report that Google has disabled the Fast Web Installer functionality in the latest update of the Android Market. Google is pushing out this update to all devices now, so we don't know how long the fast web installer will still be relevant. (You can uninstall updates of the market to make fast web installer work again, but it seems the update keeps reinstalling automatically).

The Fast Web Installer is still available, in fact it's actually part of the AppBrain install now but given that Google broke it AppBrain has also included a Fast Sync Widget that will allow syncing from your desktop.

Despite that little bump in the road AppBrain has managed to make the app faster when loading, include a new layout which, allows for easier sharing and exploration of apps that may interest you or your friends. We're still playing around with the update but overall, looking good! Link after the break. [AppBrain Blog]

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6 years ago

Chase Mobile banking application now available for Android


Chase Mobile

Chase has released its mobile banking application for Android, and it seems to have been worth the wait.  If you're like me and have been using Chase's less-than-stellar mobile site, or trying your hand with SMS message inquiries, you'll be pleased with the way this one turned out.  You can track transactions, transfer funds, pay your bills and even deposit checks using Chase's Quick Deposit feature that uses a photo of the front and rear of a check to deposit it in your account.  You also have quick access to Chase telephone support built into the app, and Chase's privacy policy is included so you know exactly what you're getting yourself into. 

You'll need to be enrolled in Chase Online account services, which you'll have to do from your computer at the official website.  Chase Mobile is compatible with all versions of Android, and it's free.  Some more screenshots and download links are after the break.  Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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6 years ago

Android Central Editors' app picks for Nov. 19, 2010



The past few weeks we have heard your feedback, you love your apps, and want them presented in all different ways. And by semi-popular demand, we're going back to our old format, wherein we showcase a few apps that have caught our eyes of late, or that might not warrant a full story. Let's take a look at some of our picks from this week!

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6 years ago

Comcast's Xfinity app for Android delayed until January 2011


Comcast Android apps

Here's an update on where we stand on Comcast's rollout of its Android applications, and unfortunately we're the bearers of bad news. Looks like the Xfinity TV app (see our initial look here) has been delayed a couple months to January. The good news is that the basic Comcast mobile app is on track for Nov. 30. But those of you waiting on the official Xfinity goodness are going to have to wait a bit longer. Sorry, folks. Submitted via the official Android Central App.

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6 years ago

Sprint HTC Hero to receive maintenance update starting today


Sprint HTC Hero

A bit of good news for all you HTC Hero owners out there.  Sprint just announced a maintenance release that should begin rolling out sometime today.  HTC Hero Maintenance Release 2.32.621.2 brings a few fixes, including:

  • Correct a non-customer impacting issue (device diagnostics)
  • MMS issue with contact number format
  • Updated Sprint Zone application

And there you have it.  No FroYo -- ain't gonna happen, people -- just a little Friday afternoon maintenance update. We haven't got a manual update method just yet, but that should change once it starts rolling out (if it hasn't already).  Give us a shout if you've got the update package and want to share it with other eager Hero owners.

Want to discuss this update with other Hero owners?  Head into our Hero forums and chat it up. [Sprint Forums] Thanks, Simon!

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6 years ago

Adobe Reader updated


Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader -- Adobe's official pdf reader -- got itself a little update recently. Here's what's new: 

  • Tablet support
  • Open PDF Portfolios & Password protected PDF files
  • Text search
  • View mode – Fit Screen & Continuous scroll
  • Go to page
  • Improved navigation Performance
  • Support for English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese , Swedish, Russian, Czech, Polish & Turkish

You can update yours now in the Android Market, or we have download links after the break. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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6 years ago

Android Quick App: Black Friday by

3 Black Friday App for Android

If the Christmas music on the radio station didn't tip you off, the busiest shopping season is just around the corner.  In nine days parents across the country will be lining up outside of their favorite big box retailers, hoping to get their big ticket gifts out of the way at amazing prices.

Sure, you can root through print ads, cutting out items you want and taping them to your master shopping list, but wouldn't it be easier if you could view deals and compile your list directly on your Android cellphone?

BusinessWire posted an article about a new Black Friday app for Android and iOS devices by the popular deal website  It promises to simplify your Black Friday shopping by letting you browse Black Friday deals from your handset and add them to a master list for when you head out before the crack of dawn on the 26th.

 Hit the read more link to find out more about this holiday app, and for links to download it to your shopping companion. [Via BusinessWire,]

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6 years ago

Google Navigation comes to Australia



This is a nice update for our readers down in Australia.  As of today, you can use Google Maps to give you free turn by turn navigation on your Android device providing it's running Android 1.6 or higher.  Australia is the latest in a string of countries to get the popular navigation service, and all functions, including traffic conditions for select cities, seem to be online.  If you live in Australia, be sure to try out the new Google maps and let us know how it's working for you below or in our forums. Via [Sydney Morning Herald] Thanks Tristan!

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6 years ago

Angry Birds lite coming for older phones


Angry Birds

For those of you not running the latest and greatest Android smartphone but still have a hankering for some Angry Birds, fear not -- a "lite" version of the game is in the works. In a blog post about recent feedback it's received, developer Rovio says the following:

"We are currently developing a lighter solution to run Angry Birds on lower end Android devices. This does not mean lighter gameplay or a lesser amount of levels, but a game experience optimized for devices with less processing power.

Rovio also trumpets GetJar, saying it used the web-based app distributor instead of the Android Market because "we wanted to make Angry Birds available for every feasible Android device ... and why the game is supported by advertising." (We'll let you try to figure that one out.)

Rovio also listed all of the phones that aren't currently supported by Angry birds. That list includes the Droid Eris, HTC Dream, Hero, Magic/Sapphire/myTouch 3G, Tattoo, Wildfire, Huawei Ideos, LG Ally, LG GW620, Motorola Backflip, Motorola Cliq, Samsung Acclaim, Samsung Moment, Samsung Spica, Samsung Transform, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini, T-Mobile G1 and the new old G2. Plus, anything running on Cupcake (Android 1.5) or below is not supported; same goes for custom ROMs (though we all know that's just a CYA move).

We've run Angry Birds on the Samsung Transform -- not great, but it works -- and the HTC Wildfire -- don't bother -- so it's great to see that a lite version is in the works.s [Rovio]

Update: Ah! PC Mag's Sascha Segan got clarification on the G2 not being supported. It's the old Euro G2 (as in the Euro version of the myTouch), not the brand new T-Mobile G2.

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6 years ago

HTC Sync updated to 3.0


 HTC Sync

HTC's custom Windows-only syncing application, HTC Sync, has just been updated to version 3.0. Big changes include:

  • Support for groups in Contacts
  • Calendar syncing for up to 1 year in advance
  • "My Favorite" item support to Contacts

HTC Sync works with most of HTC's high-end offerings, so those interested can find download and install instructions past the link. There seems to be multiple editions of Sync, so if your phone isn't listed with this release, go to Support (at the top of the page), select your phone from the list, and then click on downloads. [HTC] Thanks to NaZ for the tip!

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6 years ago

How would you fix Google Listen?


Google Listen

As we get closer and closer to the unveiling of Android 2.3 Gingerbread, let's look back at one Google app that seems to have fallen by the wayside. Google Listen is the podcatcher of choice for a lot of us, whether it's for its Google Reader integration, its ease of use -- and that it's free. But it's not without its shortcomings, that's for sure.

We'll start: You can't have the best podcatcher app if you don't have the Greatest Android Podcast in the World indexed in your listings. That's right, the Android Central Podcast still isn't listed when you search for it in Google. (Here's how to add it manually.)

Let's hope that Google's secretly been working on something better (maybe as part as some grand music strategy, perhaps?). But how would you change Google Listen?

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6 years ago

New Winamp for Android build includes SHOUTcast integration


Winamp for Android adds SHOUTcast support.

It was only a few weeks ago when Nullsoft's Winamp exploded onto the Android market. And despite being in beta, we were quite surprised by how usable and polished it was.  Its WiFi syncing alone is reason enough to have it installed on your Android phone, even if you use a different music player.

Fans of streaming radio will appreciate one of Winamp for Android's latest additions, as Nullsoft has focused on implementing support for SHOUTcast -- their proprietary internet radio software.  Functionality may be limited, but this test build allows you to browse top stations, genres, and search terms.  Users can stations to their favorites, and even browse recently listened-to stations.

"Yeah, but Jesse, I already use Slacker/Pandora for my internet radio.  Why should I care about this?"

Well, I'll tell you why, dear pessimistic Android Central reader.  As I type this, there are 44,287 free SHOUTcast radio stations, and Winamp can tune in to any of those, from anywhere in the world (so long as you're connected to the internet of course).

No ETA has been given as to when we'll see this update live in the market.  [Download Squad]

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6 years ago

Dropbox for Android beta updated to v1.0.1.4


If you're a hardcore Dropbox user like most of us here at Android Central, then you should already have this update. But just in case you're not yet on board the Dropbox train, now is as good a time as any to get started. The latest beta version ( has been released via the Dropbox user forums and is now available for all to download. We've got the change log below for any folks out there wondering was is new:

  • Better error logging
  • If system clock is wrong, lets user know the reason for not being able to log in.
  • Bug and stability fixes. - Edited files were re-uploading every time their directory was browsed. (Though may still show up a single time for each file, when you first use the app)

  • Visual & Manifest changes to support low-end small-screen phones such as the Motorola Charm, as well as tablets.
  • Added more logging, and a button to e-mail a log to Dropbox, for debugging
  • Check to make sure that uploads aren't larger than 300MB (server-side API limit)
  • Proper handling & escaping of all special characters in file names
  • Offline viewing of downloaded files should work again.
  • Various stability improvements.

If you're feeling like taking a walk on the wild side and running the beta version you can find the download link in the Dropbox forums. If you need to know more about Dropbox first, be sure to check out their website for more details. [Dropbox]

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6 years ago

Comcast's Android app coming Friday?


Comcast Android app

Update: Not so much. The app's been pushed to January.

This morning we showed you the first shots of the Android version of Comcasts's Xfinity app, but we didn't have a date for when it may be released. Judging by the pic you see here, it might be as soon as Friday. And the breakdown of features includes:

  • E-mail inbox
  • Voicemail
  • Universal Address book
  • TV listings/guide
  • On Demand
  • myDVR Manager
  • Videos on demand

You know how these app releases go -- we'll see it when we see it.  But it looks like we may see it this week. Submitted via the Android Central App.

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